Who would move to a no-musket server if it existed?

Just curious. I would.


:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

everyone who struggles with musket but refuse to adjust their build


I’d rather move to a no-bb server tbh. Muskets aren’t that big of a deal to me. I can survive their damage pretty easily. But bb!

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Lol a lot of people would go.

I hate these “adjust your build to one specific playstyle” arguments. Do people not realize that specializing in that way makes you weak to everything else? If you run a bunch of thrust/elemental/physical aversion resistance you can make it to the forts in one piece, but then you have to deal with the clump of bruisers with stuns/slash/strike/melee damage.


That goes other way around - if you will build against melee, you are vurnable to ranged, but this seems to be ignored? You can’t build Exodia build and be strong against everyone - that would be the incarnation of unbalance


Or maybe a weapon shouldn’t be so incredbly powerful that it requires one to have a full counter build for it in order to survive. You should be able to run a balanced OPR build and be ok.


Every weapon with expection of Life Staff is powerful when you ignore it, it’s just less noticable

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A balanced build works just fine against everything but musket.

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And what is “balanced build”? Can you introduce me in detail?

It’s self explanatory

It isn’t, introduce the details or this won’t be a valid argument


I usually run something like

5x resilient
3-4x shirking fort (useless against musket)
3x refreshing evasion
2-3x weapon perks
2x freedom (useless against musket)
1x elemental aversion

health/divine/thrust protection amulet

Mix of mostly onyx and some opal gems

If I wanted to build against muskets I’d drop all of the sf and freedom, regem for thrust, and get my ass kicked by bruisers.

As you admited, something can be changed to be more durable against muskets, but also as I said before, you can’t have omni build strong against everything

You can have a single build that’s strong enough against everything but musket.


Imagine a weapon that one-shot-kills anyone who’s not naked.

“Just don’t wear armor easy counter” lol same logic.

We should move all musket players to one server. Would be the best solution.

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How the hell you die to musket??? Its crazy you play this meta build to take on the general pop but cry about the 10% that are using other weapon to counter you.
You do have a choice to bring a bownir musket too to counter them if you think its so good.
To be honest, most the time i take someone down is from pure luck or just finishing them off on low hp. Musket usually take like 4 to 5 shot to kill or 3 head shot which take some serious skills.
Im sure the really good glass connon people can do 2-3 shot but thats the trade off being glass cannon

You build agianst everyone that damages you, and for melee that is everyone. Its not like poeple are running around with no thrust protection, not to mention musket can be any of the elemental damage types. Meta is 8.5-9% resist to everything with your gems.

Geming against specific builds is a range only luxary because most builds dont get to damage you in the first place.

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