Who would win, Supple or Copium?

That’s it. Who would win?

I’m pretty much from Oceana, so I say Copium.

Copium → 1

Supple → 0

Hopefully they both quit afterwards.


classic EPH


Can we get some supple and copium people in here to throw down?! We need Willy to shout cast it then!

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That was the goal. Lmao.

im surprised they dont.

it seems like the perfect sort of dick measuring contest

should be best of 5 wars. attack and defend.


They both on same servers atm but I heard Copium is scared of supple and don’t want to faction switch

Check Abaton EU. They now have the best PvP-companies on one server. It’s going back and forth, for example the former reigning Barri champions, Faetality, are currently struggling hard


Hiding on « faction tokens « but I thought factions CD was refreshed after transferring ? Not sure about that since I never transfer since paid transfer