Whoever is designing the cash-shop costumes, needs to stop


I am not intending to be rude or defamatory but…

There are literal level 5 armours in the game that have full physics, faction armour with capes that have physics.

You are releasing costumes that have ZERO physics and ZERO dye slots. Why?

This is utterly terrible. Why do the robe parts stick to the legs instead of free-flowing like the Armouring Chest?

This is on literally every single cash shop armour. 0 physics, 0 reaction to the way you move.

This, too.

Lovely posh looking outfit - however, the butt-cape is attached to the legs. Why?

Come on, we want quality not quantity please.

More importantly we need less high fantasy stuff that looks like it should belong in FF 14, WoW or any other generic MMORPGs.

And we need to be able to dye skins.
Sorry, but without being able to dye armor skins, it’s just not worth getting any of them.


I’ve been wanting to buy an outfit that looks like I just washed up on the beach.
All the outfits currently in the store look like the Glinda, the Good Witch of the West.

Dyeing and the lack of physics for me is killing my motivation to want to support the developers.

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