Whos bright effing idea was it to make trading posts restricted to each town?

Seriously this infuriates me beyond words. Why should i care about the lvl 1-25 past these levels? Soon as more and more people hit max lvl they will move all their stuff to the higher lvl zones/towns and the lower lvl towns will be a ghost town more so then they are now.

With the way claiming a zone works now theres no incentive to stay with the lower lvl towns as investing your time in a zone can be a waste of time as soon as a different faction takes over and now the house you bought and decked out is worthless aside from extra storage space.

Just make the trading post global.

Ah not true. Because of the way crafting is set up (wrong or right) those lower zones have the highest density of the T1 materials (Hemp,Iron Ore etc) so I find myself in the lower level zones way more than I’d like. Hell after weavers fen it’s almost impossible to get T1 leather from a high level zone.

Not saying I agree with the design philosophy. But to say there is no reason to go there is false.

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