Whos excited for the upcoming update?!?!?!?!?!

Sheesh who’s excited???

Say “i”



Im no fortune teller but Im gonna assume something will be broke,a new exploit,and maybe a dupe or two. Or maybe this will be the first one to go off without a hitch.


I would say I am some mixture of excitement and trepidation.

This is kind of a make or break moment i think for this game. Hopefully they can finally deliver a working patch, without a bunch of uncommunicated and undocumented nerfs to major systems or any game breaking, war deciding, opr ruining, trade post down for 3 days type of stuff, otherwise it is in big, BIG trouble.


Judging by the activity on this thread - not many people are.



I’m as excited as a male Mantis in heat.

A small line between orgasm and death.


I am. Because I am eager to see what new bug, exploit, dupe or issue is coming with it.

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Yeah it’s a big patch to . Hoping they give me some faith in them with this update lol

I have nothing else…

I am all patched up… ready to go when the servers are up… yaaa

Hype is ooon! :heart_eyes:

I’m excited…

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:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:


I am. I’m looking forward to the new seasonal events & mobs as well as some of the other changes and bug fixes. Need to get my fishing alt from 56 to 60 during the holidays though, so I can avoid the Effective Gear Score change to purchased gear before that change drops in 2022.

excited goldbloom

Hasn’t it dropped in this patch with the expertise?

As long as it’s playable I am happy. I have yet to have a game breaking bug

They said they’ll implement effective GS a bit later (I think it was January). Give people sort of a transition time

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so i can still buy 600gs items and they will stay at that?

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