Who's in charge here?

But in all honesty, who is it? I’m sure that information is being held under lock and key at the moment but who makes the decisions at AGS? This level of quality is frankly embarrassing. And whoever the people in charge of this train wreck must be feeding bullsht lies to their higher ups. No executive would knowingly continue to put Amazon’s name at risk by allowing these horrible decisions to be not only made once, but repeatedly made. I would like to know who or what sort of “testing” was actually done on the void gauntlet before packing it up and shipping it out to live. Who makes new skills/a whole new class in their game without testing it in the highest stakes battleground aka wars? Who’s idea was it to push this update out before even the most basic of testing was even remotely considered? I’m certain at some point in the chain of unbelievably terrible choices there are “team leaders” flat out lying to their higher ups. It’s impossible to conceive anything else is happening. Do you really think Amazon just keeps around managers and heads of departments that are forcing out broken, unfinished, lazy, unacceptable software? Do you really think they want to keep paying 500 million a year to become the laughing stock of gamers everywhere? No, the only thing that is possibly going on is a misrepresentation of quality and actively falsifying information and/or genuine reviews. It’s gotta be at least 1 persons full time job to keep the truth about how the game updates have been going and the state of the game from the wrong ears. I can say this experience has effected my view of Amazon as a company. I removed all my payment information and personal data from the Amazon website because if this is the quality of software they are just “okay” with then what can you really expect? No Executive of one of the largest companies in the world would allow this to continue. Paying 500 million a year to have their name slandered and reputation dismantled? Have you all lost your mind at AGS? Or is this just; get as much out of your contract before the hammer comes down. Keep telling the Executives what they want to hear because they sign your paycheck. And instead of giving them back top quality, tested, bug free, software you give them this absolute failure. I don’t care who is breathing down your neck to get content out. Its better to release no content if its between that and F grade updates. Because at this point, you have released so many F grade updates that who knows what is causing what issue. It’s all just a jumbled mess of flunking software updates. How can you tell what issue is from where when it all never worked to begin with? I really don’t know what the correct course of action is at this point, compounding errors have made this a desperate time indeed. But one thing is forsure; your time is running out whoever it is who is lying, cheating, and essentially sabotaging one of the worlds largest companies. Because it certainly feels like there’s just a general lack of giving a sht about any of it.

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