Why 300 dex 150 int over 450 dex?

I keep seeing musket glass canon build going for 300 dex 150 int but what’s the point? The only thing you get from 150 int is a slightly better burn damage and 10% crit damage bonus. Is it really worth losing 150 dex of scaling damage?

You should watch a dukesloth or moriantv youtube. Its covered pretty well. Attribute damage modifiers have diminishing returns, so to max damage, you should put 50 into secondary for every 100/150 primary.


cuz game design is very very bad

First, the diminishing returns after 300 attributes - they are very hard. So the musket scales with int secondary and that is more. On top of you get more crit damage and a nice bonus on the burn. Some people also use elementar gems in the weapon.

What an amazingly well thought out and written post.

You are incorrect, diminishing returns scales every 50 attribute points. This has been proven and well documented by many and a lot of time and effort was put into their analysis. You talking with certainty just spreads false information and undermines the countless hours and efforts other have made.

You also get elemental damage bonus which when combined with an elemental Gem will give you more damage.

I tested it time ago with a dummy since I had the same doubt and yes, musket it’s better with 150 int and an elemental gem. Feel free to try it yourself with dummies :wink:

Do the math.

After 300 the diminishing returns hit so hard that the secondary attribute for that weapon provides more damage already. When you factor in the additional elemental damage, you know why people pick that build. Also helps offset the damage mitigation on various PvE fights (resistance to thrust damage).
People forget that not only the burn exists but also the sticky bomb which scales very well and hits like a truck if you can land it.

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My new favorite toy.

Their is a whole consortium of players that have spent hundreds of hours testing, theorizing, and breaking down the damage formulas in this game. Took them like 7 weeks to finally figure it out. That information is now readily accessible to all who care to actually do the research.

You are the guy who comes on the forums and says “do the math, its so easy i did it in my head”

I suggest you become knowledgeable about topics before acting like an authority….

Yes attribute damage scaling happens after 300, but diminishing returns starts scaling at 50…. Not 300 like you suggest. So neglecting 50 point perks, its better to run 200 primary and 50 secondary then 250 primary for pure damage. This is what i was explaining to the op.

Everybody knows that diminishing returns kick in early, but become very bad after 300, so nobody goes over 300 as it provides very little value for the amount of stats invested.

This is public knowledge and has been around for a while.
Everyone knows the numbers, this requires little testing - just a few gemstone, few minutes with each stone and some gold to change your attributes. Of course tested at the best available musket now, Infamy.
But you do not even need to do the testing, as math works even without physical testing reliably.
So yeah, anyone who runs a musket build, knows why they do 300/150/50 for the attributes, people who can spare the extra stats (once you get closer to full 600 in each slot) invest into more health as the additional damage is not so valuable, survivability helps more.

Diminishing returns after 300. Gotta put those points somewhere

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