Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer

Couldn’t help myself, as the PvP and PvE arguements rage on in all different forms I’m hoping I can perhaps open a few people up here, people who like to, imo, hole themselves up and relax too much when the systems and the people usually in control of some of these systems (towns, wars etc) work against you.

Now I could think up some fun games to be getting on with instead of NW if I wanted to void myself of any form of competitiveness, Terraria, popular console games, for mmo’s you have FF14 and UO (I’m a big fan of this, rich as hell, I barely pvped!).

Why do you feel that NW is, in anyway, catering to you? It’s puzzling for sure, the lvling progressions systems of NW remind me of korean/chinese mmo’s, very basic but at least fit the theme but you guys knew this from almost the set off, so has a lack of past mmo experience kept you playing? what kind of reaction did you have before you started playing towards info and trailers showcasing wars and outpost rush? There was no CGI or cutscene trailer showing interesting enemies or any interesting dialogue so…explain to me what is it that you crave from this game?

Anyway, simply put and relative to the thread title,
PvE only mindset players hole themselves into their private groups and into any instance they can find, how are they interacting with the people who are here to compete while they are off playing Co-Op somewhere you ain’t? We’re 1000% more likely to interact with the starstone ore you’ve put on sale in the AH than the player themselves.

What do they contribute to the games community ingame, company politics, real trading, bantering, what are they doing with all the PvE loot you’ve earned? more PvE?
Their interactions with players could be very similar to an NPC ally.

[ Interacting with the community via PvP, mechnically or verbally is one of the biggest essences of a competitive game, they contribute very little to what is meant to be a massive multiplayer online experience, “Instanced” and “Co-op” is their only goal ]

Change my mind, explain their value.


So you would rather them go play another game than your game, even though they paid the same money as you to play the game the way that they want to?


The game is in no way designed to be played “the way you want to”, unless ofc you don’t mind being behind in a lot of areas.

That is present in Ultima Online, a game I’ve respected for so long, I guess people are lacking experience and decision, I think Ashe’s might fit that niche, fingers crossed.


But you did not buy the game for said group of people? So if they are happy logging in and chopping trees and crafting all day, who are you to say that they should not play like that?



New World is a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox MMO set in a cursed and supernatural version of Northern America in the 17th century. Players can be anything they want from farmers to soldiers to lone wolves, as what you do, and whom you work with or against is entirely up to you. The land of New World will be evolving one that changes with the seasons, weather, and time of day…



I’m not PvP only but the games conclusions are about all being competitive, PvP is substanial.

@varyntheos and if you want to sell logs at 0.0x a pop or whatever else is a “days work”, without any reputation due to the marketplace providing no profile to that sale so be it, although you a free to shout that sale to global and chat I guess but what kind of effectiveness is that over just slapping it on the marketplace, how is the design ever in their favour, what are they doing here?


How are PVPers competing? I don’t get this rhetoric. I compete in valorant, I know how good I am compared to the rest of the competitors and can see how my time in aimlabs and playing the game is improving me compared to the rest of the player base.

How exactly is NW catering to the hole you have dug yourself into? I’d argue that every PVE experience is ranked. PVEers can absolutely see their progression through the game. Can PVPers?

For example, I’ll make a statement. I have killed more players during PVP this week than anyone in the game. I am rank one. Numero Uno. Change my mind! You can’t. And from here on out please refer to me as DonPVPLegend


Dont need to change your mind- your opinion has no value to me in the first place, as mine should have none to you.


this OP post is a troll but ill bite on the bait

have you ever killed a npc mob in the game? guess what? your a pve player. gasp


"Oh no, anyway! :smiley: "


This wins.

Main argument of the thread owner is, that the PvP players are more active in the community at aeternum. Actively shaping the world, so to say.

In reality they do exactly the same and hole themselve in their PvP World.

Chatting with PvE Players about town projects and support => No.
Involving PvE Players in defending against Invasions => No, exactly the opposite PvE players get kicked so that the PvP-Company can hole themselve up.
Trying to actively motivate PvE Players in supporting estabilishing a war => Never seen that

I can continue.

Summary: Why a mainly PvP mindset has little to offer.

Or it is not about PvE/PvP but about humans and how they interact.


Most intriguing argument that has an inherent flaw.

You cannot force people to play how you want them to play. I primarily play in PvE mode and have been enjoying the game and interactions with multiple players in my company and outside it. I have enjoyed mining, gathering, killing NPCs, not so much questing, but I do socialize and do all that I want. I actually do not care much for dungeons, but I do them here and there. Out of my 60 lvls 54 of them I spent gathering and crafting and getting XP that way. I have yet to be called out to be antisocial - probably can be accused for being too social and talkative in my company and on the server.

If you think that you need to be a PvP mindset person to converse with others, control politics, and be a part of a community, you have pigeonholed your thinking way too much.

Most of the interactions between PvPers at the moment are very toxic, genital swinging, and a lot of crying about weapon to weapon imbalances and how gameplay should be nerfed.

Granted, this will be an assumption, and I apologize for it, but I can bet you that the PvE crowd are mainly the players that supply all of the cheap goods and gear for PvP crowd to purchase on AH. Their interaction doesn’t have to be verbal or even require to be such, but their contributions are nonetheless essential.


and based off that logic we’re back at square one and the conclusion is that the three groups (PvE only, mixed, PvP only) refuse to co-exist and agree with eachother on a lot of aspects.

Say if I went and played The Sims and went on their forums and started barking on about it lacks x y and z competitive, what good would that even serve me, I landed on a game that isn’t even designed for me in mind.

I simply want to understand, what from the information they had avaliable before hand brought the PvE only mindset here.

Out of curiosity what was going on in your head when you decided to type this up?


It’s not essential because if they weren’t here I would of never known the gear the majority of them sell in the first place, furthermore I would of been happier that the AH makes a lot more sense and be lessed skewed, nothing is really expensive atm, that’s largely to do with NW’s “fun with plenty of drops” system anyway.

Because we enjoy striving for the best crafts, getting that rng satisfaction, getting the best loot, but dont like to step into the mostly toxic PvP world. Maybe its hard for you to undestand that people can find different ways to enjoy a game. Sure I could go back to minecraft or something, but I like the way you can strive to be the best in an MMO.


Your OP title…

“Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer”

…could have been far more accurate if you had added just two more words:



I was very curious about what the average steam gamer (who I imagine can’t help but hop from one game to the next with no care) would say.

I preffered to get that mainstream media narrative imbedded, forgive me :wink: