Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer

If i want funny PvP i play Chivalry for example, its balanced
I like PvP and i do PvP, but i dislike meta and min maxing stuff.
And PvP in NW means exactly that, do the meta and min max.
But if you like another weapon more or do RPG stuff like immersing and having a reason for something that isnt meta or min maxed then you are screwed in PvP and
a. stand barely a chance
b. nobody want you in his group
c. you get hated for beeing not a min max meta gamer

remembering when PvPers use to ‘coax’ PvEers and even RPers to come out and defend at faction wars… way Ol’ days in SWG! it worked Still giefing and ganking but it was part of the game I always thought. the mixed community will always work better I think. just my 2 coins.

At this point I am playing with 4 friends from DDO. We all played there for most of the last 15 years. It has no PvP, the pits dont count, but we have run flagged here a bit and I have to say the PvP here is pretty meh. I dont feel the game is well designed for the OWPvP

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The mixed community would work well if a game was built that made them all important to the whole. Such as if new world limited crafting more, there are people who really enjoy that, but with faction gear and drops crafting is almost entirely useless for 59 levels.

Maybe it wouldnt work but I think a game that made it so crafters really could help the PvP players in war and defending by crafting gear and potions and shit they would be seen as an asset instead of being reviled by the ones doing it.

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Wow, I guess I struck a nerve here :smiley:

Yes, spot on, minus the “constantly in stress” bit. Everything else is pretty much correct. Or on some nights I choose to read a book instead.

Same question to you: why can’t you setup your own studio, develop the game you want yourself to play and then use the power of your radiant personality to attract hundreds of thousands of people to play it? Chris Roberts is doing it, so it can be done.
Am I “bothering your gaming life” by buying the game? Well I am sorry I didn’t see on steam page “must obtain permission from Beacon before buying” clause.


yeh… I think crafters needed to be around as well to repair walls and such.

That would be a good addition as well

oh i know DDO, liked the dungeons with more than just kill, kill, kill :smiley:
true, maybe i get into Mortal 2, but this is also something you need a good guild with good relationships and such and you rely on the guildmates 110%

the problem with PvP is i am not willing to play meta only and i’m also not willing to hurry to get best gear.
So if i PvP i dont do it with a lot of dedication as i go to war in shorts with a broomstick
compared to voidmetal armor and epic weapons or even crafted t5 with best perks etc.

if you ask me when i’m ready havnig this, i say 3-6 month, maybe more
when i do PvP then, i’d bet they are again weeks of grind ahead of me, bc we all know the progresstrain needs to haste further else it is boring.
This is allways the competition of the “most dedicated” or obsessed and addicted.
Not that i dont grant them that, but just to explain why i’m out and play other games for having fun PvPing.

It’s a rat race i dont want to partake in, has less to do with skill or smart decisions.
Its meritocracy, follow the rules and work hard and you maybe can make it to the top
some burn out on their way trying
some lack will and only the strong can make it.
That is what they wanna hear, that they are stronger, more dedicated and put more effort in so the rewards need to be higher.
See this is just like RL and i’m old, lazy and just want to play a game and need not compensate something from RL to feel like a hero or much deidacted, strong or need rewards from gaming other than having fun.
Too much eagerness in competing here that it can still be fun to me.
And that’s just me, i have fun playing, just not fun PvPing in NW and again i like PVP in general.
All PvPers in now i have invited to PvP me in Field of Glory 2 Medieval,
nobody accepted the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the PvP in this game is pretty much limited by who gets picked. So if you dont have a large company you may not really get to do much war. I think a fix for that is more small forts that could be attacked at the same time, requiring more people on both sides of the fight to get involved. While I know this was planned as a PvP game, it seems poorly thought out and designed for it.

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Youbr whole text 8mplies that YOU think the way you have right and everybody not having fun is sinply doing it wrong.

What is fun is highly subjective. And ot isn’t on any pne of us to say what should be fun. The key point is that the company making this game which demografic they want, better said need to please. To please and keep to get in the money they need to make up for the development cost, maintanace and further development cost. That all that counts on that end.

So no matter how much you mock and look down on people play less hours and casually. They are in the demografic that brings the money, you are not. Simple as it is.

Moved to here because I did coax you to reply to me via the title and slight spew of the 1st post (nothing the mainstream media wouldn’t attempt…) + my frustrations when I was still playing.

This is revised and well mannered, hope you have fun with whatever you enjoy doing!

Oh my god, I wish I could find a crew for D&D Online.
If Turbine had not locked every single scrap of content behind paywalls, and if I had a crew to play with; I’d play the bleep out of that MMO.

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Couldn’t you at least post a meme, come on man jazz it up!

You’re the one being Selfish. You are literally trying to force others to do what you want. It’s all about you, and not how others find their enjoyment.

If PVP was so fun, again, you wouldn’t be here begging for AGS to force people to flag for it. You would have a unending supply of players to kill to get your jollies off on.

AGS already did what you want, and it was so toxic, they had to delay the game for over a year.

Combat in this game isn’t good enough to have a real skill based pvp system. What we have right now, is just a button mashing system, with a system that cripples your ability to defend yourself. The game is literally chaining the players down, so you can’t get away. Mainly because PVP players were crying that they have to chase people all over the place. So they put in crap systems to prevent that from happening.

Let me tell you something, you’ll never get serious pvp gameplay, from a system that forces players to fight against their will.

Skill should be the most important, instead, like every MMO PVP, gear is king. In EQ, the only gear that had to be good enough was the tank, and even then if the cleric, and other players were good enough, they could make up for a paper tank. It actually was fun, because everyone really had to work together to succeed.

MMO games today are just solo games, with occasional grouping. No one even has to talk to anyone else.

PVE players don’t care what PVP players are doing, we don’t need you removed, yet, PVP players think they are the majority, yet, also complain because no one is PVPing…

Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, CS. Those games did pvp right, because all the players are equal, with just different weapons. Making the games more about skill. Death is unimportant, because you have no real investment, and you don’t really lose anything, and you can quickly respawn, and get back into the game. The game was rarely toxic like that.

MMO’s really aren’t designed for that kind of play. A action combat system would have a chance. The Berserker in Tera Online is probably the best template that NW should steal and incorporated into all the combat of NW. Plus how the mobs attack system works, how the mobs give little warnings on special moves, giving the player the chance to use skill and intelligence to out maneuver their attacks.

This is a MMO, literally meaning, you can play the game anyway you wish. If someone likes hunting rabbits, they can do that to their hearts content. If you like to kill people, well, you’ll have to find other liked minded players that think like you. The game shouldn’t force players to play with you. People tend to not like having their freewill taken from them. They will leave an environment like that.

It’s great that you love PVP, but trying to force people to play your way will never work.

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Combat in this game isn’t good enough to have a real skill based pvp system. What we have right now, is just a button mashing system

You have zero experience to be making a statement like this, none.

You can maybe rectify yourself and I’ll read the rest of it if you reference some PvP games you’re good at.

Let me just be clear @iceblast , I am a high ranking Tekken player for 3 installments.

a Low scrub Diamond V ranking League of Legends player for 4 years.

And was part of top guilds in Lineage 2, Archeage and BDO.

If you don’t like the combat system in NW, don’t slander it like if you know it, I can only imagine you don’t like it because you believe strongly in many skills on the tab targetted systems of L2, WoW, FF14 and the like.

no no… be the EPIC NPC MAN!

I have plenty of experience playing Tera Online, which has a much better active combat system to New World.

With all that supposed experience you have, you think New Worlds combat is good huh… Saying that, makes me question what you think is good.

I probably have 10’s of thousands of hours play pvp games, but I’ve never had a good experience playing MMO PVP.

Also, I think tab targeting pvp is so much worse than New Worlds combat.

Also, I hate WoW, such a crap game. Was to easy, WoW literally ruined mmo gaming. Never played L2, or FF14.

I have a ton of experience playing pvp, and mmo’s. I can see the limitations in NW combat system, and see how crippled it is. You’re fine with it, but I expected a hell of a lot more, considering Tera Online Berserker class does action combat way better than NW, and I think that came out in 2012. Also that’s a beautiful game, with beautiful characters.

NW only has 3 skills. If you get hit, your slowed, and if you try to step backwards, your slow. If you try to block, you have to wait for all animations to stop. While in real life, you can change direction mid action to block, or move. Making the combat unnatural. Instead of making the AI smart, they cripple the players ability to react. Which becomes even worse while fighting other players. You constantly feel like your fighting the system.

I want a true free action combat system. Where skill is the most important thing, not gear. If they could do that, every fight, PVE or PVP would be interesting. The replay value would be insane. Right now, it’s more same old same old. Just who can mash faster.

None of that matters, because you think PVP is so good, yet your here trying to force AGS to force PVP, while saying that’s not what you want. Yet, that’s exactly what you want, otherwise, why would you be complaining about lack of PVP players, and wanting something done about it. If players don’t like PVP, you think forcing them to it, is somehow going to be a good gaming experience.

There tons of other servers, find one with a healthy PVP Population, and move there. Then you get what you want. No need to destroy everyone elses fun, just because you aren’t having a good time.

The game is in no way designed to be played “the way you want to”, unless ofc you don’t mind being behind in a lot of areas.

I agree with this, there are game mechanics that push you toward working with others. Whether that be grouping to meet minimum requirements to enter a dungeon, or various PvP aspects that are intertwined into the questing/leveling.

I myself, have mostly played Solo PvE in my 250 hours in the game, with the exception of grouping to complete Amrine/Starstone/Depths. I just hit level 50, and feel like I’ve worked harder to get there than people who have a group of friends to grind together with.
But I wouldn’t say that someone in my position isn’t contributing overall to the towns, factions, and companies. Because I don’t have others to share resources with, I gather, refine, and craft all of my own stuff. I also own a home, purely for extra TP. The taxes from all of these things help the towns. Since I can’t farm PvP Quests and Dungeons, I mostly do town/faction board quests to get XP, which also both contribute. In addition, I also sell a lot of resources to the folks that PvP/War/OPR.

All of that said, playing PvE is harder, but everyone has a part. And I don’t plan on switching up, and no one is forced to. :slight_smile:

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