Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer

You, sir or mam, are a prime candidate to go play Mortal Online I or II. Best game for the mindset you enjoy and has about 2000 player-base. You would fit in right away, you should absolutely check it out. You will derive a ton of enjoyment there. It lines up with your interaction requirements, fully player controlled, very boring, lots of PvP, prices are insane and you will be chatting to your hearts content about killing and dieing!

Now, do not waste your time in New World, it is a bit too broad of a game for the one track minds.


The information they had is that pve players have $40 and they wanted it. Same info they had on you. They did not even need a completed product to get it. Nothing being expensive right now is because of dupes and exploits, not drops or pve players you shitter.


The game is not catered to PvP for one simple reason. You can play New World without PvP, but you can’t play it without PvE. At some point, you’ll need to do some PvE, it’s inevitable.

Yes, the game was originally intended for PvP. That direction has since changed.

Just to be clear, I do both, and sometimes am flagged and sometimes I’m not. The PvP players tend to be 10x more toxic than anyone else on the server. You bashing on PvE with elitist mentality is no better than them bashing on you.


New World is a large and expensive AAA project. The production costs are astronomical. If you want to make a lot of money with MMORPG, the question of PvE vs. PvP doesn’t even arise. If you want to reach the masses, the focus MUST be on PvE.

Show me a single very expensive AAA MMORPG that is built exclusively on PvP and also has correspondingly high player numbers.

New World should not have recovered the production costs even with the one-time sales so far. New World depends to a considerable extent on significantly increasing user numbers and, above all, on high MTX.


A a former PVP player in many MMOs over 20+ years who is PVE in this game I will tell you exactly what PVE has to offer. It offers not being mocked and teabagged after a lose in PVP, and being accused of using exploits, stream sniping, or facing personal insults after a win.

The simple fact is PVP every day is getting more and more like the FPS mindset and it not dealing with that is reward enough in and of itself. This game was only pure PVP in alpha and AGs quickly saw what a joke it would be with “elite” PVP players camping new player areas so made the decision to not make a game only 7% of the gaming population would play by adding PvE and flagging for those who want to do both.

We see why PVP only would have failed just by looking at these forums and how PVPers are constantly demanding forced flagging and such so they can get their easy greifing kills instead of fighting others who PVP.


Agreed on this on all accounts. Furthermore, this game was “full pvp” design originally. When presented to the gaming community, it was instantly not well accepted and had to be redesigned ground up to be as popular as it is now. So if someone wants to argue that this game should be PvP mostly, by evidence this game wouldn’t even exist if there were no PvErs.


The PVE player is there to farm your so-called “Starstone Ore”.

Seriously though. Who do you think feeds the economy in games like this? Certainly not PVPers who would rather grief others for hours on end rather than farm tons of materials to make the items you spend your “hard earned” gold on from Outpost Rush. Compare that to your average PVEer that runs dungeons, has multiple PVE builds for group play/solo play and most likely wouldn’t mind playing any spec that is needed in a pinch and actually enjoys the lengthy grind for the ultimate min/max aspect that this game can provide.

Before you start blowing me up and saying I am wrong, I actually enjoy both PVE and PVP and yes, I am well educated on what both entail and provide to the different communities this game has to offer.


Does PvP versus straw men count as PvP or PvE?

Seems more like PvE to me. Welcome aboard!

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The majority of people who enjoy PvP aren’t some rag tags who are always leaving town flagged, proned in bunches waiitng for prey and spamming the global chat with nonsense.

We’re taking advantage of all of the games systems, as intended, all PvE only talk is doing is trying to hole, potentially, the development of this game into something it is not, like FF14’s story book of an “mmo” (reviewers : you need to imagine this an a sequel to final fantasy, me : yes ok, then not an mmo, got you).

I have yet to see PvE ONLY talk. Mostly I see PVP discussions about nerf this, nerf that - which inevitably affects PvE in a lot of negative ways.


So basically another “PVP is better” topic?


Except PvE, or gathering. Because those are PvE activities.

Jesus; stop stroking your PvP ego all over the forums. We’re going to need to scrub everything down. If someone shrined a UV light, your posts would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Wow, you are really, really wrong.

  1. The game is PvE and PvP; it has both. Got you.
  2. It can be a sequal to Final Fantasy AND be an MMO. You saying otherwise does not make you right. Got you.

PvP got us to where we are now, sitting behind a computer in luxury.

The strong surviving provided us with everything!

/Philisophical fire!

What can be manipulated by a strong guild in FF14.

I’ll wait…

So who is going to be conquering the territories while you’re all beavering away with your PvE?

They’d have to completely redesign most of the game.


But then again, New World isn’t a competitive PvP game. Go play Overwatch, Valorant, CS:GO, Call of Duty etc. if you want competitive PvP game.

So if you put the premise that New World is a competitive PvP game, you lose your own argument right there and then. New World is a hybrid game mixing PvP and PvE elements.


You guys can not stop arguing with him - he realized how idiotic his argument was and now he is trying (posting actual troll replies) to hide himself being absolutely wrong by pretending that it was a troll thread from the beginning.


I can’t store all the loot and material they’re farming, they’ve murdered me outside of PvP!

So you’re basing your definition of an MMO specifically on a requirement you know FF14 does not have in order to claim FF14 is not an MMO?

Sorry; MMOs don’t follow your personal rules for what qualifies for the genre.
Try to tell me why your (wrong) viewpoint trumps actual genre definitions, and why the rest of the world should follow your (wrong) viewpoint.
I’ll wait.


Funny thing is All those guys I do Wars and Run PVP with are the Same LVL 60s im clearing all the open world dungeons and clearing on the high end content with. There are 2000 person caps on the servers so its not as if you dont see and play with a small pool of people daily.

When I run in one of these high level elite zones to do my scub anti socal as you call it PVE farming Its usually around most of the top PVPers in server because to get to the top you need money and good gear which cant buy with only faction tokens so good PVPers know they need to be doing end game PVE as well. From a person who only sees the game from the PVP side you wont see reason im sure.