Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer

You are just one of those guys, that wants to dictate that his opinion has to be the opinion of everybody. If it doesn’t match, it is not viable for you. Don’t be butthurt, that there are OTHER players, that don’t share your opinion, if you don’t want to share theirs.

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Yes you tried. To twist things to fit your pount of view when they clearly aren’t.

I really hope that they bring some kind of PvP servers some day.

Same here. I can think of few things less fun in an MMO.

Some of us play games to temporarily get away from real world systems. Your whole point throughout this thread seems to be that you’re mad because a bunch of people are having fun the wrong way.

Weird hill to die on, but at least you’re dead, hey?

The only place it has long term survivability is in games where it is meaningful. Battles that matter. Does it really matter in this game which color owns the town? I am able to freely trade regardless. Are there perks for being on the owning side or owning company sure. Don’t overall most people would never know or feel the difference.

The pvp in this game is not very meaningful. Open pvp is even less. Killing a person in the Open World does nothing so why bother. That is why so many people flag up and are never attacked. Why is to gain? Nothing.

Is pvp more fun than fighting AI? sometimes. How often do you actually find good fights? RVR in most games is a zergfest and boring. It is nice that they have limited fights for “meaningful” stuff here.

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I used to do a lot of world pvp but I frankly found it to be a terrible experience. I don’t want to be punished with a death because I had to go to the toilet or feed my cat. I don’t want to have to rely on other people to be online and in my party just so I can avoid being ganked by a group. I have gotten killed too many times by cowardly opportunists who only seek fights they cannot lose to ever be able to enjoy being forced to flag again.

No consequence system will make me change my mind because I don’t get satisfaction from knowing what they do will backfire. Those systems don’t give me back the time, items and gold I lost from dying. And they don’t deter everyone from only seeking unfair fights that work in their favour because some people legitimately enjoy the idea of being an outlaw.

I’m not saying all pvp players are cowardly opportunists, but enough are that they entirely made me lose my taste for world pvp. It’s not fun when 90% of the time you get targeted for a pvp fight only when you’re at a significant disadvantage.

Furthermore the way aggro works in his game would make forced world pvp awful. I already have problems from players, sometimes they’re not even flagged, trying to troll me by making mobs chasing them aggro on me instead. Imagine how easily they could get me killed if they could fight me alongside those mobs they got to hit me.

So yea I’m not willing to participate in a game mode that trolls often abuse. I tried to tolerate it before but I always ended up feeling little more than irritated, even during the times when I did get juicy revenge kills. I’m not the sort of person who is motivated by someone’s day getting ruined even if they deserve it. It has never made me feel fulfilled. I don’t have a problem with forced pvp existing in games in general. I’m glad it’s there for those who enjoy it. But it’s not my jam so I don’t want to participate in it.


This is my opinion.

What a useless rant. I read a few of your like minded defenders using terms that are not needed nor useful for anything other than ego boosting.

You carebear PVP folks have little clue as to what PVP actually is. Currently this is pvp in new world: Zerg, more zerg, some more zerg, and finally, the ending zerg. When there is no zerg there is mini zerg looking for lone players to gank or those much lower “teach lessons to”

You pvp folks have no stock move other than zerg and exploit as much as Humanly possible to gain an advantage. Aoe spells and weapon damage do nothing to “friendly” players. You have a fuzzy and warm care bear wrapping of no damage so you need no tactics other than button mashing 101 and zerg. You pvp’rs rush in, zerg style and mass aoe and swing wildly hoping to hit as many as possible in the short time your mass kill skills are up. You pvp’rs even have nice labels to identify each other, more care bear pvp game mechanics.

Pvp is pathetic in this game. There is no skill other than being level one in typing and knowing when to spam your macros or mash your keyboard as you roll around like ball bearings on crack. PVP in this game is mindless “in my opinion”

Pvp players do NOTHING better in this game except make posts like the OP did as they try to assert themselves for some insane reason and plead and cry to the devs to give them more gank targets in their free time when they are not mindlessly zerging in their care bear pvp.

Ever watch a pvp vid from some of these “pro” pvp people? Initially one might think that “leadership” and “tactics” are involved, but when you really listen, and really watch, all that is being said is one, or two people screaming for the zerg to go to the next clearly marked zerg target. There is no risk because damage is only one sided, and friendly melee and ranged aoe does nothing but select the conveniently labeled opposing group of players in a wonderfully marked area.

If this game had any kind of worthwhile pvp, and it does not, it would be amazing. Aoe spells would damage everyone, fort weapons would be deadly to all, melee weapons in close quarters or their damage radius would damage everyone. This would force actual tactics and actual leadership as there would be consequence to poorly placed units, which in this game there is none.

But here we are, on another care bear pvp thread with some random care bear pvp addict typing why their brand of pvp in this game “must” be more important than anyone else’s wants or needs, and they have their few like minded players in the same misguided bubble supporting their view and using terms they likely just looked up and used because they sounded important.

There are plenty of fixes to improve pvp without incentives, but so many of you pvp people are so wrapped up in self gratification and ego stroking you cannot think straight and any actual change that resulted in actual consequence or use of actual tactics would cause your pvp world to crumble around you as you lose your care bear status and had to actually think before attacking.


If people want to world pvp they can flag. If the majority of the server doesn’t want to flag, tough sht. Reroll on a server that has your mindset. If you’re a pvp vet as you talk about, then rerolling shouldn’t be a problem.

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wait so basicly u said. that pve mindset is bad and we have to get off NW? who are u to say if i may play puurply pve or not?

You can’t read can you?

Sometimes I PvP when needed or desired and sometimes I just want to chill and PvE. The point is, I knew when I bought New World, what it was offering. A PvX game with opt in PvP and I’m more than happy with that.
Personally I often struggle with what PvPer’s bring to a game besides the most toxicity. As a predominately PvEer, I have no problem sharing a game with PvPers as long as they stay in their lane. They know what they opt in for when they buy the game and need to stop trying to force changes that cater to them.

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Beacons is advocating for PvP servers, Valhalla is the most pop server.

It’s opt in at server select, what’s the issue?

Holy big wall of fallacy Batman. /s

I tried with these 2 last night, and after seeing tons of good natured rebuttals of contrary opinion, and zero recognition of those opinions, its clear that there is no “discussion” that will get them to see the other side. just let this thread die, as all its doing is being counter productive to intelligence. gg you 2, your opinion is right, no one elses matters, and New World is flawed and marred by not fitting your narrative.

This is so copy and pasted from another game, I refuse to believe this was written solely for NW :laughing:

The problem is,

NW isn’t scary enough towards the people who liked to read the stories of 2 small white haired elves (ff14).

I want them to say “screw this ***”, otherwise I’m told they’re just killed rabbits all day long hoping for a Chocobo mount.

How could I possibly take the game seriously with them here?

I guess people put themselves in more pain than me, people need that virtual paracetemol…

People like @Bars are constantly in stress over kids and business and just praying to god he can have a precious hour or 2 in the day to chop tree’s (no pvp, don’t you brats make any sounds! stop spamming global!!!), squeeze in 1 round of OR, get in a simple zerg for around 30 mins and then perhaps a bit of relaxing fishing to end the night.

Forgive me, if I was after just…a teensy bit more than that super casual affair that I just mentioned. Is this the main audience?
Why can’t bars get better at his business and he can drive the best of Porche’s in a swag mansion with a jacuzzi sitting a top a lovely view with a smile on his face not needing a hobby like this, why the hell is he bothering my gaming life and the gradual improvements cycle from past mmo’s and it is fucking bothering, NOTHING BUT because he’s saying that there will no zero competitive or hardcore principals because “MY BUSY LIFE DOESN’T HAVE THE TIME FOR IT”.

I bet hardly any of you who posted here even care for the potential of this game in the long run, you just want the here and now to be pleasent and with as little “grief” and “toxic behaviour” as possible and when the game runs dry after short time and devolves into the user numbers we see for BDO you’ll just go and playing something else on steam with your libraries probably full of 100’s of games you just prattle on with.

Excuse me for wanting an evolved experience, I must remember this is a “video game” (xD) and we don’t have the time for any bs, we just need to chop tree’s, skin rabbits, enter the “battle royale” mode of OR, enter a zerg for 30 mins then close the game and make love to our wives.


And after that gorgeous bit of ranting, all that needs to happen from Amazon’s part is just to dinstguish servers like a game of league of legends on summoner’s rift, which was a projected time of 40 minutes (which they then sullied and destroyed with an average game time of under 30 minutes in an attempt to fit around the average joe bloggs…).

Servers are labelled “PvE and short game time”
and some are labelled “Intended experience” with actual mmo philosophies in place.

and “that’s the bottom line!!! because my Stone Cold ass said so!” ((Glass breaking sound)).

You missed the change in gaming decades ago. Gaming got catapulted into mainstream, not hardcore nerding.

Yes it might surprise you but most people play games to relax and for entertainment for 1 or 2 hours a day.
There are studies about how many hours the players play each day on average. Most say they play 3,5 hours eaxh day. I saw a few youtubers getting these numbers wrong, as they actually took those numbers for calculating examples.

BUT if players spend 3,5 hours playing a game it actually includes: the 15% playing 3,5 each day, 3% that play 10+ hours every day and 82% that play 1 or 2 hours every other day.

Most players in games with big player numbers don’t play every day.

So yes, you better get use to games that look for big audience being more casual friendly. Times change, always.

On the other side: did you really miss the change of New World from the always on full loot PvP game to the opt in PvPvE game we have now? Or are you one of the short sighted and dense people that wanted the original vision regardless of how many players would play?

If you are looking for the cut throat experience where you have to be on your toes all the time, why didn’t you opt in for Mortal Online 1 or 2?
Amazon needed to make a business decission, because the original concept would never ever reach the sales numbers they have now, and certainly will never reach a big enough number to make up for the high production cost of this game in the long run.

When i see people writing about the good old times in Ultima Online, old school Runescape and Dark Age of Camelot praising them as the blueprint of a good MMORPG… it makes me smile. The days they have been THE mmorpg are gone, pretty much since a month after WoW hit the market, dwarfing their combined player numbers and doubled them after 4 weeks of launch. Times change. Either addapt or go the way of the Dodo.

It doesn’t matter how many times the selected few kicking and screaming here to get the original Vision of the game back, its not gonna happen. Because it will drive away over 90% of current playerbase.

I actually want to see pure always one PvP server. But to be honest: just to see you people complain about it when they crumble and fall of the simple fact that the neccessary number of people to make such a server work will not be reach at launch and quickly devolve over the next weeks.


there is no argument. PvE needs storyline, raids, and QoL, and PvP needs cross-server outland. This is just…genius. But tarry on about problems that don’t exist. And factions definitely need to be kept at quota minimums of 30% pops to maintain a power threat (or hope, inversely), or be given minimum 3 regions at all times.

I never got properly involved with WoW, none of my close friends did either, it was clear from the end game systems that there was no proper competition over anything important, that players are just stuck in an endless cycle of gear improvement and somehow calling that one of pinnacles of gaming content. Although ofc it did have an extra appeal lathered on top for anyone interested in story and lore which are concepts not really essential for the competitive playerbase looking to gain significant edges over opponents (and that’s not just “haha I’ve wormed my way into way more gold/enchanting and you can never defeat me!”).

Dedicated gamers are still in droves on occassion when they smell opportunity, news of Archeage Unchained and promises via Twitch stream swarmed in 10,000+ users easily and we were praying and hoping “is this going to be the game I can sink in 4 hours or so most days, make some great online friends and with those dependencies take on competition with days of smiles or sometimes painful frustrations (you can’t take the good without the bad!)”.
Then that dream again got destroyed, again, the NA publisher can’t communicate or change much with the korean devs/leads and another one bites the dust, again left to squirm in the vast wastelands of “meta gaming”, battle royale, “tried Stardew Valley or Minecraft?”, gaming is truly as painful and as soulless as Hollywood has been for a while, money is the priority and the quality takes a gut punch.

I still believe that there can be a clever way that can make both parties happy but currently the systems are hurting dedicated gamers way more than people looking for a quick break from whatever lifestyle they carved out for themselves. I thought Amazon would be keen to try something, a risk with the amount of wealth they possess but instead…

I hoped that NW would be rich for everyone, honestly, for people who don’t game that often it would be a fresh and graphical experience with plenty of wonder, voice acting, different questing, cut scenes and whatever else the masses would consider a “game of the year” experience (TLOU2 xD).
Then if they chose to stick with it out of love, they are rewarded with a system that doesn’t punish them to much, there is no hardcore enchanting of gear on this game, gearscore+++ strength barely makes a difference and that hardcore <> casual bridge is shortened substanially and with all that taking into account, we can get into some deep mmo action and conflicts around the map, in a similar fashion to the mmo’s of old (and obviously without their gearscore/enchanting ++ bs).
Instead taking a PvP faction mission feels like a “tour around the park” with little to no one in sight, anyone can just farm resources dry in relative peace, there are no guild conflicts arising from out of nowhere until the organised set times or until the entire faction decides to collectively raise the territory influence and then we’re left with a massive zerg fest and some spec’s and weapon choices are just left pretty mediocre or bad in such instances.
All that’s left is Outpost Rush, which I was hoping would be at certain times or require some bit of work to be able to enter so that it doesn’t take people away from the open world. The game mode itself has the potential to be fun but it has more to do with a moba than an mmo, it should be an added feature/bonus to the game, not a main component of it.

I honestly don’t think a PvP server would fail, not if done properly because I think a lot of you thinking of it are rushing the gun, it would be uncomfortable to have an always flagged mode. A PK system of asian mmo’s which has the potential to punish players heavily for flagging up (avaliable to activate in the open world) would be the most ideal, if you don’t understand what that means it can be further explained (legend of mir 2, lineage 2, archeage).
If “the masses” like this itteration of NW they can keep it, there would honestly only be a few clever alterations needed for an “intended experience” server for people who…intend to main the game, those people who wake up a lot of days and jump on their NW discord groups and can’t wait to improve themselves and say hi to their trusted allies, it is really seperate from your typical person logging on, there is far less love for them atm so I’m still praying, call me an f’in fool.