Why a mainly PvE mindset has litte to offer

Most people are playing this for PvE - it’s the honest truth otherwise more people would be flagged. PvE players are the backbone of any game and are more social and willing to get along, make friends, and group up than you may think. I am willing to go as far as to bet mostly all future content for this game will be PvE related.


No but i am bound by player greed in the form of taxes. Time devoted to make the very items PVPERS rely on. Face it with out us most players would be screwed.

not to become “the best of the best of the best” or even to “work” in games like a second job.

I completely understand that but what is developed as middle ground isn’t great, can’t you at least agree on that? You talk about fun like if it set in stone and there are no different qualities of it. The only reason that you would think this game is fun enough is because your side of the fence is satsified ie “I’m only here to play for an hour or 2 at the most and this is doing a good job”. Let’s just celebrate that meta and get on with it shall we? It’s kind of disgusting that you’ve never acknowledged your own selfishness in this discussion, let’s just throw in statistics, call it a success and any opinions differing can drown a sea of “toxic behavior” or be easily proven wrong by the numbers, many people download Mcafee by accident but “look at these numbers!”.
The most prime example is league of legends, they gather loads of data, like a robot about pick rates, skill usages, common player path patterns, likely items etc but on the rare occassion they conduct a questionarre it’s comprised of the cringiest or most out of touch questions and is completely void of simple questions like are you enjoying yourself, what can we improve, what don’t you like etc etc. They could have 1 million concurrent players on EU, doesn’t mean they are estatic about the game, they are simply content with it, for some people it’s all they have because Riot themselves would make any competition to their game drown in a similar fashion to how google partly owns the internet space with no threat to their monopoly.

And what is fact is, the majority of the playerbase will agree with most things implemented, whether that be an mmo or a change in their takeaway pizza because most of the time they aren’t interested in the details or they don’t have enough experience to make any assumptions about what those changes might entail.

There is a flaw in this game, you’re not even going to address it and you’re constantly skirting around it, one demographic is “satsified for now”, another is content with the experience but I wish it was better and the mmo nerds like myself who are usually mature as I am are left with their hands up going "well this is a shitshow, guess I’ll keep playing because… Ashe’s ain’t out yet, it’s fresh I guess…for now…great! -.- ".

I hope we can continue evolving the gaming meta, perhaps one day we’ll be able to insert a pill into our body, it gives us a bit of a fantastic bit of visual and spiritual stimulant for 5 seconds and we can go “thank god my gaming is over with, time for netflix!”.

all you say is: Why your mindset has little to offer regarding empathy and the ability to see through someone else eyes.

thanks for clarification and oh man what a pile of theorycrafting and gerenalisations limited by your bubbleview.

no thanks, i already know it has a strong effort= reward and meritocracy aproach.

you rate what is too much? ah i see

not your business

self inflicted problem of sweaty elitist wanna be the one and only hero blahblah

wow, haha

no value, that is what you never gonna understand.


oh wait i get that wrong maybe. for AGS it was money
and for the players it was many thousand arguments, each one has their own.
Why do you care?
I tell you, you want everyone be competetive like you and cannot unnderstand someone is not competetive or has fun this way or why ever play NW what is a PvP game in your eyes.
And other say its a PvE Game and dont mind the RvR and PvP aspects.
So why not?
Think inclusive, oh no dont do this , this would ask you to leave your higher, faster, further credo

Beacon struggles to understand that not every person plays a game for the same reason. Some people get enough competition in other places than a video game. Some people lack that so the video game is the place they get it. This game offers both and he seems to hate that.

When I want to play a game against other people I prefer it to be ones where the game was built for it and done right. NW so far has not shown me that this is the place for that. Right now this game is more like when i actually go fishing, mostly something to do with people not against them.


If i want funny PvP i play Chivalry for example, its balanced
I like PvP and i do PvP, but i dislike meta and min maxing stuff.
And PvP in NW means exactly that, do the meta and min max.
But if you like another weapon more or do RPG stuff like immersing and having a reason for something that isnt meta or min maxed then you are screwed in PvP and
a. stand barely a chance
b. nobody want you in his group
c. you get hated for beeing not a min max meta gamer

remembering when PvPers use to ‘coax’ PvEers and even RPers to come out and defend at faction wars… way Ol’ days in SWG! it worked Still giefing and ganking but it was part of the game I always thought. the mixed community will always work better I think. just my 2 coins.

At this point I am playing with 4 friends from DDO. We all played there for most of the last 15 years. It has no PvP, the pits dont count, but we have run flagged here a bit and I have to say the PvP here is pretty meh. I dont feel the game is well designed for the OWPvP

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The mixed community would work well if a game was built that made them all important to the whole. Such as if new world limited crafting more, there are people who really enjoy that, but with faction gear and drops crafting is almost entirely useless for 59 levels.

Maybe it wouldnt work but I think a game that made it so crafters really could help the PvP players in war and defending by crafting gear and potions and shit they would be seen as an asset instead of being reviled by the ones doing it.

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Wow, I guess I struck a nerve here :smiley:

Yes, spot on, minus the “constantly in stress” bit. Everything else is pretty much correct. Or on some nights I choose to read a book instead.

Same question to you: why can’t you setup your own studio, develop the game you want yourself to play and then use the power of your radiant personality to attract hundreds of thousands of people to play it? Chris Roberts is doing it, so it can be done.
Am I “bothering your gaming life” by buying the game? Well I am sorry I didn’t see on steam page “must obtain permission from Beacon before buying” clause.


yeh… I think crafters needed to be around as well to repair walls and such.

That would be a good addition as well

oh i know DDO, liked the dungeons with more than just kill, kill, kill :smiley:
true, maybe i get into Mortal 2, but this is also something you need a good guild with good relationships and such and you rely on the guildmates 110%

the problem with PvP is i am not willing to play meta only and i’m also not willing to hurry to get best gear.
So if i PvP i dont do it with a lot of dedication as i go to war in shorts with a broomstick
compared to voidmetal armor and epic weapons or even crafted t5 with best perks etc.

if you ask me when i’m ready havnig this, i say 3-6 month, maybe more
when i do PvP then, i’d bet they are again weeks of grind ahead of me, bc we all know the progresstrain needs to haste further else it is boring.
This is allways the competition of the “most dedicated” or obsessed and addicted.
Not that i dont grant them that, but just to explain why i’m out and play other games for having fun PvPing.

It’s a rat race i dont want to partake in, has less to do with skill or smart decisions.
Its meritocracy, follow the rules and work hard and you maybe can make it to the top
some burn out on their way trying
some lack will and only the strong can make it.
That is what they wanna hear, that they are stronger, more dedicated and put more effort in so the rewards need to be higher.
See this is just like RL and i’m old, lazy and just want to play a game and need not compensate something from RL to feel like a hero or much deidacted, strong or need rewards from gaming other than having fun.
Too much eagerness in competing here that it can still be fun to me.
And that’s just me, i have fun playing, just not fun PvPing in NW and again i like PVP in general.
All PvPers in now i have invited to PvP me in Field of Glory 2 Medieval,
nobody accepted the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the PvP in this game is pretty much limited by who gets picked. So if you dont have a large company you may not really get to do much war. I think a fix for that is more small forts that could be attacked at the same time, requiring more people on both sides of the fight to get involved. While I know this was planned as a PvP game, it seems poorly thought out and designed for it.

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Youbr whole text 8mplies that YOU think the way you have right and everybody not having fun is sinply doing it wrong.

What is fun is highly subjective. And ot isn’t on any pne of us to say what should be fun. The key point is that the company making this game which demografic they want, better said need to please. To please and keep to get in the money they need to make up for the development cost, maintanace and further development cost. That all that counts on that end.

So no matter how much you mock and look down on people play less hours and casually. They are in the demografic that brings the money, you are not. Simple as it is.

Moved to here because I did coax you to reply to me via the title and slight spew of the 1st post (nothing the mainstream media wouldn’t attempt…) + my frustrations when I was still playing.

This is revised and well mannered, hope you have fun with whatever you enjoy doing!

Oh my god, I wish I could find a crew for D&D Online.
If Turbine had not locked every single scrap of content behind paywalls, and if I had a crew to play with; I’d play the bleep out of that MMO.

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Couldn’t you at least post a meme, come on man jazz it up!