Why AGS doesnt allow players to do more dungeon?

shit system, AGS wants player leave??
I play 20 + mutation during weekend. total like 35 runs per week.
nothing to do other than PVE in NW,

my point is LIMIT vs FREE. opening with orb drop better rewards while you can still do free entry.

why they dont let us play more dungeon??? I dont mind they give free entry 25 but why LIMIT?, simply just require orb if want to do more how easy is it?

why they dont make better rewards if opened mutation with orb so player wanna do more crafting/smelting/corrupted, or they could just make m11~m15 with orb system.
a lot of ppl making money by selling orb too, Im sure 60lvl player doesnt need to do faction quest until faction vendor selling keys.
AGS killing a lot of activities by LIMITING / REMOVING ORB

because orbs gonna be donezo. They already increase the Limit from 20 to 25 based on Forum Feedback without testing lets see what we can get more.

How do you find this fun?

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Just in case, one of our Developers made a forum post about the change here: [Dev Blog] Removing Tuning Orbs including their thoughts behind their decision making.

What is the reason for adding a limit though? I don’t do 35 mutations in an entire month lol, but why is there a limit in the first place? If someone wants to do 35 mutations, why does it matter? Really curious to see what their reasoning is.

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limit is in there because its the best place to level up and grind expertise as well as a giant influx of timeless shards and gear.

that limitation 100% came from their economic dev.

when it would of been simpler to just limit the drops after x amount of runs per week.

in that way groups can still run in together and do stuff without being forced to only ever play in that dedicated squad.

solos wont care.

but keep on theme and timegate fuck it.

Limits are there so eventually when you have nothing else to do, you do townboard quests

I guess I get the general point of limits. I’m just totally confused how they can literally keep adding timegates to every single thing in the game. If someone is crazy enough to do 35 mutations in a week, more power to them. Let them have their fun. Not a single person is going to be like “wow, I’m so upset that this player did 35 mutations when I don’t have time because I have a life!” It makes no sense to add these timegates to limit the 1% of players. It’s already 1% of players doing it so there is already a limit to the amount of people that will be getting rewards 35 times in a week. Makes zero sense, AGS.

it only makse sense when you consider what comes out of m10 mutations.

especially gen randomly generated boe legos

they are trying to control the crap coming out of it and flooding the market with stuff. even though crafting is still oppressive, timeless shard prices are all over the place and crafting a lego bis is 1 in a mil.

The thing is, they have the metrics and I don’t think they’re lying when they say…

“our data shows that less than 5% of players who run mutated Expeditions run more than 25 mutated Expeditions in a given week. The majority of our players that do run mutated Expeditions complete 5-20 each week. We initially chose 20 per week as that accounts for 85% of the mutated expedition runs per week. We’ve heard your feedback and are raising the limit on mutator runs from 20, to 25 per week to better accommodate the 95% of players running mutated Expeditions each week. This limit ensures a more equitable progression for players who do not have time to run more than 25 per week versus those that do.”

If they’ve covered 95% of the player base then shouldn’t that be ok?

already read that, but WHY limit? they dont us to play more?

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if 95% of the player base is already going to naturally stop at 25 per week then is the cap required in the first place?

obviously not.

it wasn’t necessary.


They also explicitly said - which you chose to ignore - This limit ensures a more equitable progression for players who do not have time to run more than 25 per week versus those that do.

See above.

town owner company memebrs need to do town quest with their income from tax etc.
I dont even see what who’s owning town lol
really dont care who owns which town. i do PVE only.

yeah What Im saying is

FREE vs Limit is different, I am happy to use orb to do more dungeon after free entry.


You’re in the 5% of neck beards that will reach the limit. It’s there to stop people like yourself from inflating the market. 95% of the playerbase doesn’t do anywhere near the limit. It’s definitely justified to keep the No-lifers in check.


yet a nolifer that burned their 25 allotted mutations will then run off and do literally anything else like farming or trophy runs while a normal person might be half way through their allotment. the nolifers are still going to be running rough shot on everyone else.

this really doesn’t do anything but force a very small subset of players away from something they may like doing because of reasons.

and i hardly ever do mutations anymore.

if the only reason they wanted to do this was to stop nolifers from farming the crap out of legos and junk then all they had to do was reduce or eliminate the loot after 25 runs. in that way at least groups of people with wild time schedules could still run without a nolifer getting way head than usual.

I’ve posted it before, but i think the skew to their numbers is that it ignores the fact that the average number of mutations done per week by player was how many they could afford to run, not that they would have run if they were free. It also ignores the fact that a large portion of the playerbase is going to run them to 625 and then stop to PVP.

This limitation arbitrarily hurts people that like to run dungeons, using bad math.


While I’m not going to echo the “neckbeards” thing, I agree with the sentiment. AGS has explicitly said it’s to prevent the gap from widening any further than it already is.

Be honest, do you think those no-lifers wouldn’t have complained just as loudly over a “no loot after 25 runs” as they are about a 25 run cap?