Why all servers with "PL" tag are closed?

So i spent money on this wonderful game only to find out that i cant play with my friends because server they are playing on is closed to new characters creation. EVEN then i cant create character on ANY server with PL/EN tag on it BECAUSE all are closed aswell.
So pls tell me what are my options ? I’m not the kind of guy who rage and demend but this is pretty sad that there is no info when u buy game that u most likely wont play with ur friends.
And i rly dont wanna do refund because i see potential in this game (from all gameplays on yt etc),
but i would like to know when thouse servers will be open again.

Maybe this is because :

  • they hesitate
  • or, this is already planned to open

start on a diff server and then transfer later, or do what we all did after reaching level 26 me and my 2 friends, a lot of our other friends joined the game and we just started fresh on an another low population server

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