Why Amazon cannot afford more servers?

Seriously, after two big betas and seeing how many players actually bought the game, why there is way less servers capacity than players in queues? Especially for regional servers like German ones? Why is not Amazon ready to deploy more servers for launch and then merge them if needed once players are not excited about the new game and spend less time in it? I could understand not enough server capacity paid for other companies, but Amazon is known for their servers, so why it repeats the mistake of so many other developers that cannot afford to scale their games?
I really enjoyed the beta, and even though I like the music, it is bit dull to stare at my Queue number… that is, if I manage to get into the queue with all the bugs, connection issues and server maintenance.
So yeah, you made intriguing game, congrats, but would be nice if more people were able to actually play it :sunglasses:


Please don’t come in here to criticize AGS. That is not welcome here. Especially not with logic or valid points.

If you have a bit of experience with server and such it is not as simple as it sounds migrating them or downgrading once the insane load drops it is time consuming and expensive. I am pretty sure they rented those servers since the majority (if not all) are in germany which is one of the top places for servers. Getting servers at super high capabilities is quite expensive and from a business pov not really worth it. Once the insane load is done and everyone has created the majority of the characters (synced with main server) the load will most definitely drop and the higher capacity servers would be kinda useless, thus losing money.

It would be great if businesses would take that extra step for the consumers, but to expect that is quite naive since despite Amazon being large af they still have a fixed budget they have to fit into. It is a business nevertheless.

The thing is, the majority of customers haven’t even tried to log in yet. Most people go to school/work and will log this evening, that’s where you usually have peak times.

LMAO, Amazon Web Services renting servers from third-party vendors. Are you aware they are the biggest Cloud in the world?

And renting servers isn’t the problem. If adding servers were the fix to all issues, they’d have done it already. Software engineering is a little more complex than that guys.

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Some EU servers have no ques.
The thing is most companies like mine agreed on a server beforehand, for me it was utgard…over 5k ques for utgard.
I could pick a random server and be in game now, but i want to be with my company, also there is no way of knowing if some random server is going to be filled with non english speakers and theres no way to change server without deleting your character.
I wish amazon had used common sense.

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Agree. Amazon servers are joke…

They do, everyone usually rents server from various vendors and set them up as their own. There is no way to prove it, but it is a common practice in IT industry.

I can GUARANTEE you that those servers are not free for AGS.
If you’ve ever worked in a big corporation with multiple subsidiaries you’d know that they services one subsidiary provides for the other are never free. They might be cheaper but they have to pay for those non the less.
So I’m pretty sure that they use AWS for their server, but they have to pay them.
Now none of this is an excuse for the poor launch of course. They could’ve easily avoided this if they were willing to invest the money.

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