Why are all posts about duped items still in game getting closed with a link to AGS insufficient response?

The duped item posts keep getting closed with a link to


People understand the dupe exploit was fixed. We want to know why the duped items weren’t removed! Please explain! Maybe if you handled this properly and/or gave a better response than “everything’s fixed now go have fun!” then people would stop creating so many of the posts that you’re having to close.


It’s jUst consumables , just play the game and enjoy. EU players looks like babies on forum this morning it’s crazy

They are just consumables is probably what AGS thinks too, which isn’t right. There was a fantastic market for many consumables on the trading post which gave gatherers and crafters a consistent way to make money. Now that market is destroyed for a long time.

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if u have 100000 powerful honning stone and u will be able to sell each of them for 150 gold after 1 month later. ye ye ye ey eye its just consumables!!! these guys cant even think about economy.

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It’s been months since release and anyone playing for a good fair amount of time should already know AGS does not give a shit about tanking or destroying the player economy. They only do things halfway, almost every time.

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It is kinda of expected this to happen, just try to live the best with the truth… There is things that cannot be fixed

I have always been against exploitation, even though I know how to replicate each one of them, I refused to abuse it. I expected something to be done over time by AGS, but the truth is simple: Most of those who cheated, or still cheat, were greatly benefited. So, feel free to banish me from the forums, the game and wherever else you see fit, because starting today, I WILL ABUS EVERY EXPLORATION.

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