Why are Ammo Cartridges/Arrows still a thing?

Let me preface by saying this, no other weapon do you get actively punished for using it financially, besides repair costs of course. I get the idea behind it, makes it more ‘realistic’ paying for ammunition and arrows, however, this mechanic is obsolete, it doesn’t make the game better in any way. So I have to pay just to use my weapon? Every shot I take is just losing any range from 0.05-0.55 gold, which is ridiculous IMO. Also, bows are already extremely bad and making it so you have to buy an upkeep of arrows to use it makes the bow low tier along with other things. I understand that there should be a difference between the different damage modifiers that you can craft, I think that there should be a craftable quiver/ammo pouch which is permanent and that is what determines the damage multiplier on your weapon.
This mechanic is just awful and a sign of an old MMO mindset imo.
Taking away the arrows/cartridges can also help boost weapon variety and make things like the bow more meta (hopefully).


Because you use the 1.2x or 1.15x ammo. 1.05x and 1x ammo is 0.01.


Glad to see you completely missed my point, with the argument “But 1x ammo is 0.01”. Firstly, on my server, the cheapest is 0.05 for 1x ammo. Secondly, my whole point was not to be paying for ammo at all and remove cartridges and arrows from the game as they don’t add anything of substance.

They are a “thing” because you have a huge advantage and no other weapon hits as hard as a musket with the infinite range at which it can shoot. With a huge advantage as such, you would want something like that to cost a little to use. Farm your own mats if you’re too poor to afford bullets or arrows. I’ve used musket from day 1 and have never had an issue affording ammo.


What he is trying to say, is that rather than AGS fixing the issue, you should continue to pay, but simply downgrade your damage so that you are paying less. At the same time… I mean you can buy the materials to make 50 bullets on my server for a few cents. Or buy a bullet for 0.01. Because that is how messed up our economy is. And lets not forget that the feathers you pick up weight 0.1 lbs because that is as far as AGS set the weight limits to go down. These bird are obviously using feathers made of steel… I am just waiting for my crafter to learn to smelt them for that steel.

I agree that there needs to be a cost. I disagree with the logic that you should downgrade your bullet to keep up with costs.

I’ve never said I had issues affording them, however, imagine the same logic being applied to all other weapons, just because the GA hits hard, it should cost money per swing. Just because the light staff has great healing, it should cost per heal. This is an old mentality in MMOs, there is no need for this to exist. It doesn’t add anything to the game, doesn’t make it better, why have it. Justifying it is just feeding into AGS and MMOs that do this. This only screws the player. Why wouldn’t you want to make a game less of a burden and more fun.
Your logic is the same as, why shouldn’t storage sheds be merged, “Oh you can just move your items by walking there”, but why? “You can just pay the TP for ammo”, but why? Game is made for the players.

I agree, make ammo free and remove bonus damage.

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I completely agree with this.

Then they should balance the damage a bit, like give more damage from the lost 15%(cartridge)-20%(arrow).

That’s why I was saying there should be a craftable ammo pouch/quiver slot that gives bonus damage, so the higher lvl you are the higher tier you can craft, which will give you higher bonus damage on your musket/bow.

Thankfully this “idea” wouldn’t ever be something that would come to light.


Lol nice rebuttal bro.

Don’t see any point in your topic OP. In each and everygame that has bows or guns you need to supply yourself with arrows/ammunition.

Hm, okay give me some examples? Prevalent to this is WoW, where they had this system for years, even the same profession - Engineering, to craft bullets and arrows, but guess what? They removed it from the game, they realized that this system is outdated and idiotic. Ammo doesn’t exist anymore in WoW. Blizzard did something right for once. Just because you will be able to give me some niche examples, doesn’t make it a good mechanic.

or you know craft the ammo/arrows instead of wasting your gold in buying them. :rofl:

i also don’t want to pay taxes for my house. also, it’s time for my nap. tuck me in plz.

Good you need to go to bed with a smooth brain take like that. Everyone pays taxes, not everyone pays for using a weapon.

Ah yes what a genius 3Head take. Imagine getting restricted to using your weapon, by having to craft something to be able to use your weapon every day.

well, that’s incorrect both in the real world and in new world actually.

Nice talk, good rebuttal, providing 0 support for your argument. I’ll be over shortly to tuck you in then.