Why are healers the only "class" that's pigeonholed into one specific build?

This game was advertised as classless. And it kind of is…I guess.

However, why are healers being forced into a specific type of gear? Why are DPS allowed to be in light, medium, or heavy depending on their playstyle? Why are tanks allowed to be in light, medium, or heavy depending on playstyle? Why are mages allowed to be in light, medium, or heavy depending on their playstyle? Healers are being forced into light armor, and that seems to fly in the face of the very core design of this game.

I’d have zero problems with the healing nerf outside of light armor if it was across the board. If DPS also had the same restrictions, then at least everyone is on an even playing field. You want to get higher DPS numbers, it comes with the same risk of being a glass cannon.

That’s not even getting me started on the whole Focus being useless outside of healing. Gear with focus drops are pretty much useless unless it’s ALL focus and has healing rolls. Most other combinations are at least useful to someone out there, for whatever their play style is.

And then on top of that, healers are basically going to have to use the same skills as every other healer. We don’t even have variety of useful skills or builds within the only healing weapon in the game. Perhaps a secondary healing weapon would be nice, with a variety of skills, so every single healer in the game isn’t a copy/paste of every other healer, because there is no choice in the matter.

tl;dr This game is classless, unless you’re a healer. Then your choices are made for you in game. Your play style and personal preference don’t matter one whit.


Heavy DPS will also go extinct in PvP and even PVE.

They need to be able to balance the pve, pvp game modes differently, like all other mmos do. I just don’t think AGS has the capability to really do that. I know some of the new perks are “pvp” only so maybe this is a start for that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work as intended, in fact I expect it to not work as intended!

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Because AGS is in bed with DPS

Agreed. They should make that melee damage in light is reduced by 30%.


Pretty annoying for those people that spent the last 2 months putting together a 625 heavy armor set.



They’re trying to balance healing around 3 vs 3s.

Kind of a bad reason to nerf them…but no one will solo que if the meta is to have a med or heavy healer.

They’re not, each weapon suits certain armour type, but do what you want. You can play as whatever, but if i played as a tanky bow would be evern worse than now.

Its not really though. Going from heavy to light is 20% base damage difference. Healers going from heavy to light will be a 60% swing. Thats pretty pingeonholing to a healer to me.


True, but that assumes that the current healers are not a little overtuned.

imo that healing nerf is needed. You just send up with a bunched zerg with a few healers behind them.

Pretty mundane.

Light healers are stronger now. Those [light] healers in the backline will heal for about 15% more [with their AoE abilities].

They now heal for almost twice as much as Heavy healers - they’re 85% more effective [.7 * 1.85 = 1.3]. Heavy healers are almost a meme now

As @ZaxZax and @derv mentioned, imagine if they just nerfed melee damage by 30% with light armor. RIP to everyone who spent time/money/effort making that 625 light armor set.

AGS is only catering to STR melee builds.
Explain the damage/mitigation differences between light and heavy now, imagine in the upcoming reality if (and most likely it will happen), they push PTR to live.

Light armor was toned down on mobility (DEX and FOC), homing was increased but noticeably only for 2 big swing weapons, Sword, Rapier, Spear and Hatchet are still splitting air.

Good thing is, Throne and Liberty and Ashes of Creation will come out this year, I regret the time and money spent here, but this is like EA, once you learn the lesson, you never purchase back again.

Yeah so the theory would be to target them or they have protectors. Which would make sense.

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