Why are people selling mutated orb spots for so much?

I’ve noticed in chat that people are selling spots in mutated expeditions for a lot of money - 4k-9k per spot, even.

Now, I get charging for orbs, as they can be pricey to craft. But, at least so far as I’ve seen, the cost to craft mutated orbs is not much different than the cost to craft normal orbs. I even crafted some to be sure.

Is there something I’m missing here? Is there some hidden cost I’m not seeing, since I’m barely able to participate in mutations until the patch comes out and i can use my casts?

Because the supply is very limited and it’s the only practical way at the moment to get umbral shards.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s about the cost of crafting them but is more just because people can get away with it based on limited supply. It’s greed, simple as that.


Because other people with deep pockets will gladly pay to be able to run them over and over. If someone’s will to pay 4-9k a slot why would I sell it any cheaper?

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Because you can only open a given tier if you’ve gilded the previous tiers, meaning the ability to open the higher spots is rarer and more valuable than just the orb itself (which is already rare and valuable enough), in addition to the umbral shard rewards scaling insanely at the 6th tier and beyond. So when you combine the rarity of the orbs with the further rarity of being able to open higher tiers with the incredibly increased value of runs at tier 6 and above, you get individual orbs going for significant amounts.

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So it’s just greed? Wow. The entire pretext behind charging people for orbs made sense when it was a matter of covering costs (plus a tip, I guess).

In that case, I guess I’m quite surprised anyone is agreeing to pay that amount.

Hard to put an exact price on time also it took you time to do quest to earn the faction points that you spent on those chisels also.

Selling things for what they’re worth isn’t greed, lol. If you disagree with the price then don’t pay it, but people sell those spots for as much as they do because they are more than worth it. The value of those orbs will go down as it becomes more common for people to be able to open higher tiers (and as orbs become more available in the next patch as well) but for now paying 10-15k for an m10 slot is nothing.

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I wouldn’t call it greed. At least not for everyone. I consider a single tuning orb as a way to run the dungeon multiple times. The money I make selling slots goes right into me buying my way into additional runs. I’m not trying to profit. I don’t really like the system. It is the way it is though.

The thing you are really paying for in mutation orbs is someone having completed the lower mutations to be able to pop the higher ones.

The orb costs the same no matter what, but the time investment and gear investment required to pass the mutations over m6 is very high. Because of the GS scaling there are no shortcuts on getting completion on the higher ones, and you had to spend time putting together a competent group of 5 people with that gear and then running the lower ones successfully.

Scarcity is also a factor at that level, since only so many people have successfully done those gear upgrades AND run the lower ones AND are willing to sell their time gated orb.

AGS has been taking gold from the players’ pockets and giving it to the territory owners.
Anyone in a Everfall/Windsward territory has more gold than they know what to do with, all extracted from other players.
These people can pay any price anyone puts on the orbs.
If you wonder why there are people willing to pay that price… you are contributing to it with your in-game tax money.

I expect the prices of mutator orb slots to decrease as the parasitic EF/WW companies completely gear up their members to 625.

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Because some fools are willing to pay. Personally I think paying for a dungeon run is complete idiocy. If I’m going to pay the person I’m paying is not welcome on the run.

Its give incentive for other to craft to so you can buy slot after selling them. Once you get in the wheel… you can ride a long time. Or they would keep their orb for their group

It help prevent having someone careless in the group. If he pays he knows what he getting in to and want to do it

Why are you surprised? Nw devs made orbs rare, you only get 2 per week and getting 625 gs is a significant improvement over 600 or less in pvp. Of course everyone wants to run these dungeons non stop to remain competitive in this unbalanced environment. This means peoples orbs are valuable, especially when the shard gate from 590-600 is so much greater than 600-610. They are addressing this by adding more orbs per week as well as increasing shard gain from casts and opr. But until that update it will remain as designed by nw.

You are correct. The problem is the orbs are not with anything. It requires the labor of each party involved in the run. There is zero value to the orb if the seller is participating in the run. I’ve never nor will I ever pay anyone for a dungeon run unless I can sleep through it and collect my reward at the end!


how is it greedy to supply a service people are willing to pay? man this millinial / reddit generation…
its simple economics folks. if you dont like it dont pay it, the price will then come down…


I was born in 1971. That’s a couple generations detached from millennials. Anyway…you’re not selling a service that is worth anything. Selling dungeon runs is total greed and paying for dungeon runs is complete idiocy. More often than not the seller participates in the run. If he’s “selling the service” he should take his happy ass out after the event starts. He shouldn’t be able to partake in the rewards if everyone paid him to go in.


This is inaccurate and you know it’s inaccurate. You’re just being obstinate and incredulous because the initial idea of paying for a spot in a dungeon run rubbed you the wrong way.

Yes, every member participates equally in the run, and the orb seller additionally provides the orb which makes the run possible to happen. You’re purchasing 1/5th of a ticket for that run. Conveniently, since you can sell your orbs for just as much, every orb you sell gives you the gold for 4 additional tickets and 5 total runs. It is equivalent to getting a full group together and going orb for orb except you don’t have to do them all in one block, or with the same exact group, or even do all 5 if you instead want to do only 3 and then save the gold you would have otherwise spent.

This isn’t a matter of opinion. You are just wrong and being dense about it.


They are selling slots if they participate. He dosent when he sell the whole orb

There is zero way you can justify the selling of dungeon runs. The prospective buyers are needed to do the run not just the orb itself! The person who possesses the orb can not do the run without the labor of those he’s trying to swindle out of gold to join him. If the orbs are worth money that would require the payer being carried through without having to do anything but collect the reward at the end. It’s about as logical as someone paying you so they can enjoy the privilege of being able to go to work to earn their paycheck. It’s illogical bs thought up by some greed infested fool.

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