Why are the Devs punishing us for doing PVE content?

In order to run “end game” dungeons, we have to have an orb. aAn orb can cost up to 8k gold to buy. Even if your 200 Stonecutting you still are spending time having to farm or spend gold to buy mats.

We know this game was supposed to be full-loot pvp and it was changed at the last minute. But why punish those of us that love to run dungeons? After the merger very few players in my company of running this content because of the prohibative costs of orbs. What is the point of CHARGING players for PVE content? They simply wont’ do it.

Make it make sense please? Get rid of Orbs! People will not do the content if its this expensive!

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I may be missing the point here but all players run dungeons and it costs everyone the same amount, if you want income you can do pve in OPR or invasions. Better yet farm the materials and only pay tax on the crafts. Hold in there until the system gets re-worked. Also, the orbs are a time gate, imagine the current progression of servers if everyone had been doing laz/gen for 12+ hours a day for the last 2 months.


Sure, ok… :unamused:


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You do not have to have the time gating of orbs to keep people from running dungeons 12 hours a day. Just make a cooldown per run it’s quite easy. People charging others for orbs so they can run a dungeon is just a silly game design to me sorry.


They are charging you for their time, they either purchased the mats or farmed them themselves. They are literally offering you a service as a pve player by selling their orb, you could do this too. Otherwise buy the orb and charge an amount per player to join you if you don’t care about having a party, lessening the amount taken out of your pocket without accounting for dungeon earned gold.

I’m not saying I agree with the system, this is my first MMO, however you have to work with what you have. @john_howell1 If you had spent hours collecting runes, corrupted shards and motes would you not want payment? Again this is my first mmo so I don’t have a leg to stand on but I don’t see it as unhealthy while keys exist.

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The game is trash. They are holding your time hostage to please their shareholders. Go play something else until these fuckers implement real content and real fixes.


Do not do Lazarus, Amrine is much cheaper and many people offer free runs if you accompany them;)
And if you do those high level dungeons you might notice the rewards are not that bad and can justify the grind and the cost of orbs.

sadly not many people see it as the trash heap that it is

The design team did not design the orbs to cost 8k gold, the players did.

Yes, They make a horrible mistake, but it will be fixed soon (next patch or so).

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they have to add a Gympsum for World PVP meaning you get them from players dead bodies at a 10% chance or something, playing OPR is such a chore and boring as hell with the Lag and everyone running Hammer stuns and lets not even mention the walking cause god dam you die and have to walk for like 1 minute to reach destination every single time.

just make a Classic PVP stage with teamdeathmatch or Free for all, remove that crap PVE content from the PVP play its boring.

no matter how good of a player you are you cant do anything about 4 guys running hammer stuns at you at the same time, the AOE is way to damn high, 1 skill allow you to stun someone from like 10+ meters away, while its OP the worse problem is that the lag makes the hammer even more broken, somtimes you get stun because you dont see the animation for the hammer due to lag or your screen freezes for a moment and your stun eve tho your 10m away.

Stun + Lag = broken OP

Do you know what’s worst? Is if the group can’t complete the dungeon… you lose your orb… THAT’S WRONG!

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