Why are there barely any servers for EU players NOT in 1 of the mainlanguages?

There are REALLY not enough servers. Queues been way to long… As a dutch player, i am tossed in 1 pile with russian players. and greek. and polish. Can you give them please their own servers? It cost about 3 to 4 hours to get online. To then find out the server is been claimed by… 1 of the above. And they have 1 thing in commen. They don’t like to speak English. So what about you guys give MORE servers, to the non French, German, Spanish, Italian speakers. And give those russians and greek their own server. As even google translate can not help me with their alphabet. The queues are well over 1500 on every single EU server. And it isnt even 5PM. you can’t possibly call this primetime. I think, if i order a boxgame, on prime, it arrives faster at my doorstep, than i can log into this game today.


Aye. We need some servers for scandinavia/northern europe only.

Do you think they know there several smaller european countries that do not speak German French Spanish or Italian. Why does the UK and Denmark Sweden Norway TheNetherlands Belgium Estonia Bulgaria Greece Russia Finland Portugal Romania and Turkey have the same amount of servers? Just wondering.

I’m surprised they even added SOME different EU servers. You know… NAs and their geography :O)

next post incoming… yeah funny cornheads over there

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