Why Are There NO Playable Female Characters?

since it’s all getting lost in a 500+ replies thread, that too many read and then mansplain, complain we want only bobbie plate, etc without reading… or any response from AGS.

Does AGS think we wouldn’t notice? That those who are female or even play females as a preference, wouldn’t? For a game that claims it’s trying to be inclusive, it’s erased almost 50% of the gaming population, that’s not being inclusive.

Female players also like PVP, i started my first mmo in the 90’s with a PVP game, so pointing out it’s PVP is not a valid excuse for what has been done. At this point there are hundreds, if not thousands of MMO’s that have actual female characters. There is no excuse to have not made any for this game except for NPCs. You gave us a shoddily reskinned male, without even making a token effort to change it to female other than a scream when getting hit.

in what 5? years of developement, complaints since alpha about this issue, 1000’s of forum responses… and we still don’t have female characters to play and some have left already or are considering leaving. 49% of gamers are female, you insult our intelligence, us as a player base, and anyone else who prefers to play a female character with this… especially with your lack of response. we’re not being “woke”, we’re not being femnazi, we just want to be able to play an actual female character in a game that claims it’s trying to be inclusive.

what we do NOT want:

  1. reskinned male skeleton
  2. male movements, male stances
  3. male preportions of shoulders, hands, and feet
  4. male clothing IE: male bulges in pants, codpieces in faction armour etc if we’re playing a female character
  5. the less is more, aka chainmail bikinis, overt sexualization of our characters common in some games… like boobiplate, which you gave us, after we specificly said it’s not what we wanted during the closed beta
  6. large breasts or jiggle mechanics, we don’t need it to be shown as female

what we do want:

  1. female skeleton
  2. female movement and stances, women have a lower center of gravity and as such move differently from males… and it’s noticable. we are not asking for a slutty walk etc, just the friggen basics
  3. female preportions of body parts, the current ratios are wrong
  4. more than what is it 3? 4? actual female bits of clothing and armour from cloth to plate. dresses, robes, leather hunting gear, plate that doesn’t clip through the female form
  5. armour from cloth to plate that actually FITS the female form… in this game we can make our own, do you honestly think we would make stuff for ourselves that wouldn’t fit? it does not mean making new armour with cutouts, massive breasts, it means… make the current items conform when on a female character.
  6. outfits in the store, not even a token one in there… count this and soon to be king that, really? you want us to buy stuff made for males only?
  7. to not look like beardless teenaged boys

for those who cry “realism! women weren’t historically warriors! etc”, that went out the door when they made the token female characters, the beta lion, rabbit, and that pink leather outfit with no way to see in the helm… or most of the armours in the store and drops that no one in history would wear into battle because they’re impractical fantasy armour. never mind there have been female warriors through out history in many cultures.

and for those who will point out fixes like the exploits etc… unless it’s an extremely small company, devs who do character design, are not the same ones who work on the other aspects. giving us actual female characters, which should have been made or corrected years ago, will take away nothing from fixing the other game issues.


These are all pretty reasonable wants. I like that you made sure to exclude the hyper sexualization found in Korean MMO’s.

+1 from me.


too many replies in the other threads have assumed it was what all the threads were about. sure some might want it, which is absolutely fine, but the majority of the replies are for the basics… female character, female clothing, female movement etc.


Speak for yourself… Do we NEED it, Nah… BUT, Wanting it is a WHOLE Different Animal… I Personally would LOVE to see Female Characters that I can tell are FEMALE from across a River or Valley… The Physics… Yeah, I Kind of Want those… Just due to “Immersion”… Need it… No… Game Breaking if it never shows up?.. Nah, BUT, Eventually there will be a Game that Gives me that Character Creator AND Has a Rich Storyline… Not Here Yet, but it IS Coming. Anyways… Yeah… Speak for yourself, There are Those who want just what you are screaming “NO!” about. (Not trying to start a debate, Just stating a Viewpoint.)


Given how plain and booring the game is atm, I just rather go back and play some random Korean garbage, than spend my time looking at my ugly trans char in NW.

But this issue was mentioned even in beta, but amazon don’t care, and it’s unlikely they ever will change it.


All I remember from that read was “jiggle mechanics” …….

I googled it.

Lots of images of cars being fixed. And Jelly.

I need to turn on safe search.


i do understand some want those, but i have to ask… are you female or a male playing a female by preference? that could change your point of view. i’m a female player who has no desire to play a male character… which is my current only option, because despite the token breasts, i can place my character next to my hubby’s in the same armour and not know which is mine except via the nameplate. the large breasts and jiggle mechanics really don’t mean much, when you wouldn’t be able to see them anyhow. i need to see my character actually be female to invest my time in her.


i can watch cars being fixed all day… wait i already do half the time… married to a mechanic and we own a garage. i’m a woman who loves to drive and cars… still doesn’t make me want to play a female character any less. go play with your coconuts lol


Awwwww :joy:



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I totally agree we need stuff for Females this Game seems to be aimed at Male players only its the only game Ive seen that does not cater for the females. Developers don’t be sexist cater for both.


i appreciate the spot of humour from a fellow python fan.

In all seriousness.

The game should have included body customisation features equal to that of hair styles and faces.

There was no reason not to allow us to create a variety of different sized / shaped players to populate the world.


Char name: “Messiah”
Gender: “Female”

“Are you sure you wish to finalise you character?” Yes

What you got.



pretty much

:clap: :+1:

This game is completely bugged, endgame content doesnt work/exist, scaling is bugged, op rush is bugged, wars are not playable because of bug abuses, loot is bugged, big portals are closed, gems are bugged, perks are bugged, tons of quests doesnt work, server transfer isnt working, economy is a completely disaster, a lot of abilities are bugged, you cant go to dungeons because nobody will spend their orbs for randoms, we have no transperency in the communication between players and dev´s, housing is bugged, and so on. this is just a small percent of the issues that are going on. and you? you are crying because the bodyshape of your virtuel charakter isnt like u want it to? im pretty sure, this is one of the things, they will care less about. why? because at this state of the game, it really doenst matter at all. how does it help when you got your perfect female charakter when there is literally nothing to do in this game??


and the devs working on those aspects… are not the same ones as character design… so your point?


Please, do not use sexist slur when trying to seem “inclusive”. You are losing all credibility.


the devs are working on this point since years and it seems like they are not able to fix it.
what i want to say is, female body shapes or character disign at all have by far the lowest priority at the moment.

think about, what you gonna do with your perfect female charakter when there is literaly nothing to do because everything is bugged or not working?? do you want to improove cooking skills or what?


would be nice to at least be able to tell a female char from the male… I doubt with all the game breaking bugs that currently exist that it is going to be a high priority… maybe they do it with a patch that includes swimming

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