Why Are There NO Playable Female Characters?

… and people who are willing to spend money on outfits from in-game store.
I guess they don’t want our money.

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Especially as that “creative suggestion” had already been suggested by me a few weeks ago…several times…and I got NO feedback at all.

I see the nasty children have found this thread, what a vile bunch of street kids they are.

For @LordLucian for your information I am the furthest from “woke” you can get. That’s the total opposite political viewpoint to mine. It’s this company who is “woke” pandering to a 0.001% of the male population. (love your name, gave me a good laugh).
For @Sidrinius if you were my kid you’d have your internet time removed for a month at least. Once again…I’m as far away from a Snowflake you can get. I’m suprised they hid your comment, most of the gutter stuff I report is usually deemed looked at and OK by moderators.

No doubt this post will be hidden, removed or me even banned for pulling up the prepubescent slurry. I swear Amazon want the worst playerbase they can get…provided of course they’re all gender fluid.


I literally saw 3 nude female characters stripping on top of windsward fiber cart this week. No clue wtf this post is about.

so, they will police it enough to remove threads even ones that aren’t derogatory, but not enough to reply… nice AGS nice…

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It is about the fact that the female toon in New World is a male. AGS have used the male model and just put a couple of small bumps on the chest.

So, the female toon is really a male, and that she moves and stands like a male. What we have is a ken doll parading as a female.

We would like to be able to play with a female toon. (that sounds terrible)…
To identify with our toon better, (for some of us)… we need our toon to be female, not male.


Well… Hallelujah…
[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2.

Representation and Character Customization/Design

When we talk about aesthetics especially for characters and player gear, we envision Aeternum as an immersive world that feels grounded in real history but also serves as a jumping off point into the fantastical. Our intent is everything the players encounter feels exaggerated and dramatic yet still believable; offering a sense of the familiar but also of otherness. Beyond just historical accuracy, we seek to bring to life how it might feel living on a supernatural island dealing with the various magical forces and dangers it contains. Like our players, our narrative brings people to this island from all over the world and we want our characters and gear to reflect that wide diversity. We also believe strongly in player expression and giving players a wide range of options, looks and styles to choose from.

Looking ahead we intend to continue adding more outfit variety both in cultural and narrative driven looks; some more grounded, historical and functional while others may feel more whimsical or supernatural in nature. Finding that balance is something we continue to experiment with for each outfit. Artistically we gravitate towards making a dramatic statement rather than risk being too safe in our designs. This approach may result in a few elements that feel outlandish to some but often will land us in a much more evocative and interesting visual space that we hope feels unique. We also intend to continue adding variety in outfits that offer a more feminine or masculine look that can be worn by all body types. As for character creation looking further ahead we have a few plans for how we can expand the available options as well as offer new ways to customize your character. Our goal is for players to be able to create a character that they can relate to and that fits the personality they want their character to convey.

Looks like we will be getting our wish sometime in the future… Thankyou AGS.


here’s to hoping it’s not a store only idea… remember, we’re not supposed to be able to change them once made… and depending on what they do, a lot might want changes.


Fingers crossed…



No… maybe SHE is shaving her legs in the shower…

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Female ? lol its 2021 bro WAKE UP, there is no male/female… just “body type” ! remember !!! :smiley: :smiley: primitive muricans

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Was just reading that and coming to see if anyone had pointed to it yet. Keep hopeful its not too far ahead.

Bloody hell! (sorry that’s all that came to mind)

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The team who create the visual aspects of the game (as the characters) probably aren’t the same that creates and make fixes on perks, stats maths and other expoilts.

Then, yes, they can fix females when fixing the game.

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please can I have boobslider like in FF14?


NO…just boobs would be a fine thing.

Would be nice to create even decent looking male and female characters. I can sit n hit “randomise” for an hour and just see a long line of fugly !!


if everyone is the same, isnt that inclusive? anyways i like my female character, she looks like a pirat

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Guess you answered your own question in the quote. If people feel erased they obviously don’t feel included. glad you like your character though.

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Second this. You’ve no idea how many of my replies get deleted. Well. Maybe you can guess.

My reply saying I liked a “big pair of hands” got deleted :joy:


Yup have many of mine shut down too.