Why are there so many lv 60 Bots?

srsly it is extreme… they even roam in Ebonscale now xD

just as an example. he run’s on that graveyard from node to not, randomly stops, waits then walks again. kills Monster just with auto attacks and heals himself as soon as he reaches 75-80 % with his Lifestaff

AGS does nothing to remove the Bots.

They consider it an acceptable evil.

If there was at least a PK system we could kill them, but we don’t even have that

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hm ye sadly.

i suggested to add more yield into our territory standing buffs.

the more u play > more yield > more efficient then Bot’s.

surely they can get thoose buffs soon or later, but get banned at some point atleast… :partying_face:

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