Why are they making more pve content if what is needed is pvp?

my group entered this game for the PvP but every day the game offers me less pvp, literally all day playing with no pvp at all, an unbalanced pve based OPR, and no open world pvp, but they focused on doing mutations and other pve things, I remember that the game was going to be full pvp but they lost their line, I’ll be back when more pvp content comes in, or at least some arena! pls i want to play new world PvP!


This is an mmorpg. If you wanted pvp so badly why did you purchase a pve game?

Scared to death of actual pvp games? Seeking to fill your epeen tank killing pve mmo players?


In case you didn’t know this game was created full pvp and then they added pve content at the request of people, the problem is that from being full pvp it became full pve, investigate before speaking without knowing what you are saying


In case you didn’t know the direction was 100% changed from the original concept when pvp players did what pvp players do best. Fill their epeen tanks by being toxic assholes.


bruh they didnt even add content, they added modifiers to shit that already exists


Because hammer time gets boring sometimes and people just want to grind more.

but why grind if you don’t have pvp to enjoy what you’ve grinded?


This was actually touted and promoted as a pvp mmo with pve elements. From what I hear, they added a lot more pve during the delayed release for that 1 1/2 years to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer pve in an mmo also and definitely think more pve end game is needed.

Personally, I am not much of a pvp mmo’er but I knew going in this was supposed to be pvp focused. However, pvp mmos don’t really last and can’t keep the players without a good chunk of pve stuff. Look at GW2. They sold it originally as a pvp mmo and they said they will NOT add pve dungeons and things like that. Shortly after launch they added dungeons and many more pve elements because they knew pvp focused mmos won’t keep a healthy population.

I see a lot more people doing pve end game stuff in chest runs, Gen/Laz, and portals than pvping. I do agree they need more pvp type stuff and add maybe new things for it but pve needs a lot as well if they want to maintain people since people keep leaving due to other issues. But as of now, there isn’t really an end game which is where the key to keeping people is.

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lets play 2h all days open world pvp

They changed it to a pve game because of constant relentless ganking and no actual content besides killing eavhother and being griefed.

Sounds like you need to do your research.

They already said the game wasnt gonna be completely pvp based after multiple people left the game saying it had potential.

They made it a diverse mmo.
Your comaint makes no sense.
It’s like you know what the game is but screaming you in denial.

If you DO NOT like mmos then this stopped being a game for you…


What it was is not relevant. What it is is what matters. It is not ‘full PvP’. Along those lines, whether or not it needs more PvP content does not exclude the possibility that it also needs more PvE content, and Amazon will balance what it thinks it ‘needs’ with their ability to deliver the content in question. What that means is that even if they agree with your priorities, they may still end up rolling out PvE content that ended up being easier to develop than planned PvP content they may still be working on. The introduction of PvE content does not necessarily mean they don’t care about PvP or that they don’t have ideas for things to offer.


Toxic PVP Players ruined the Idea of NW beeing a Full Loot PVP Game, and thats what the Devs Said.


I definitely agree that pVp content is lacking, but honestly so is pVe content.

I also started playing this game because the pVp content, wars, and open world fighting promise/concept reeled me in but with all the bugs, exploits and desync or lag issues (for myself or team members) it’s not as enjoyable as it could be.

On the flip side of that, sometimes I just want to loot chests for trophy mats, troll other players, and mindlessly smash monsters (or the pVp-eacocks down in ebonscale) and b.s. with my friends in discord.

It’s just lack of content in general. Game is absolutely gorgeous from a graphic and audio standpoint and I’ve gotten more than my $40 worth, but damn it…I want more lol

I did see someone post a super cool idea about group vs group arenas or 1v1 duels for pVp content and faction quests and would absolutely love that to happen too lol.


we are a big group that we have stopped playing because the game has been based only on pve, and pve is supposed to be just the base to be better in pvp, you get stronger with pve and then you apply it in pvp, but where if there is no pvp content and if you and your party are happy to spend hours and hours just playing against the machine its fine but we need to play against other players to feel worth playing


Seems we’re stuck in a limbo between “no new PvP content and bad balancing” and “no new PvE content, just more grind and copy/paste mutations”.

Seems both parties are not happy. Now I’m getting Wildstar flashbacks, maybe the countdown is already running. :pensive:


Kind of the pot calling the kettle back here

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Thats what PVE Players do, they Play PVE.
Then There’s people that Play PVE to have better Gear for PVP.
And then There’s People only playing PVP.

None of that ist wrong, everybody should Play what He enjoys the Most.


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Pve requires constant updates with new content. It’s how it works.
PvP requires less, (not saying nothing, just usually less)
This is a MMO, and as most MMOs, most content will be pve. No matter what this game was during alpha.

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