Why are they making more pve content if what is needed is pvp?

in their defense, content creation takes at least a couple months, and usually longer. The stuff they are releasing now was probably inspired by complaints in week 3-4 or even before release.

they mentioned some plans for more pvp content, who knows how long it’ll take.

Because they hired the guys from Grandma’s Boy to be developers.

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Completely irrelevant. What if it started out as a unicorn simulator in the board room and its first prototype? It is what it is now so if you want to play PvP go play an actual PvP game and stop posting whiny threads of which we’ve already had at least a thousand.


What a load of excrement.

There is still stagger in PvE content, the only type of player asking for the removal of stagger was PvP players.

Just like every single weapon nerf that has been asked for on the forums, it’s all related to PvP players, so stop being disingenuous.


pvp desse jogo nunca sera competitivo ! pra isso vc precisa de cancelamentos de skills, atalhos q necessitam de habilidade de cada jogador ! esse jogo eh simples siga o meta coloque sua void e um bastão vital e um set pesado e seja imortal ! esse jogo vai quebrar e vai ser logo

Because PvE grind for levelling and gear is what PvPers did from day 1. That and buying gear off the Trading Post with RMT coin. They got to where they were doing as LITTLE PvP as possible or zero PvP.

ALL PvP modes are too easily exploited, so they put all the progress in PvE where you can’t just AFK or win-trade. And now you have to grind harder stuff so you can’t just farm bears or cheese chests in Elite zones or buy more RMT money to buy BIS gear from the Trading Post.

AGS is “ruining” the game because they are scrambling to combat PvP exploiters and cheaters. They have long since given up actually banning people. Look at how there was ZERO action on outright cheating around Update 1.0.2. when PvPers wiggled their window to get invincibility. And all the subsequent exploits – literally at least one per week.

MMOs are not intrinsically PvE games. In fact, some MMOs have no PvE at all and many others only have PvE designed to augment the PvP of the game.

New World is NOT a PvE game nor was it even marketed as a primarily PvE game. It was a hardcore, almost entirely PvP game that they decided to turn into a hybrid mix of PvP and PvE.

Why did YOU buy this game if you aren’t interested in PvP? PvP is baked into the bones of this game, whether you like it or not.

I honestly don’t know why an exclusively PvE player would buy this game at all (even at launch.) Even though the devs added a significant amount of content COMPARED to the first iteration of the game, most of the PvE content is fairly bare and the only real somewhat engaging endgame content is PvE.


BECAUSE PvE is 97+% of the playerbase of MMORPG genre. Period. PERIOD.

Guess what? PvE is the breadwinner by over 97%.


PvE is where money is.

Welcome to Games as a Business, let alone Games as a Service.

You think I am wrong? Wanna bet? Go run around NW & see how many people are flagged vs how many are not. Now you see.

Want to dominate? The PvE/PvP does not matter then. Make a company & rule. You can do it. PvP companies can run the whole server.

PvE players: Stop complaining about who runs a server & build a big zerg & run together forever. Guess what? Now you are COMPETITIVE.

Guess what? Unless you do that: You are just going to play & have fun. Which is okay.

You want to rule the server? Flag, get more flaggots in your group & you & the rest of the flaggots will run the whole town. Once you & your fellow flaggots run the town, BAM, you can run another town.

Be flaggots & you can win. Otherwise: STFU & stop complaining, k?

SOURCE: Myself.

QUALIFICATION: Brain. I am a PvE player. I know better than to think I can not take this seriously yet still have serious results.

This is where some of you learn that actually PvP was not scrapped in NW, it was emboldened & given a whole new platform. This is where you learn that, actually, it is HARDCORE PvP; The likes of which some of you have not ever seen before: GROUPED UP PvP players running s*it - grouped as in SAME FACTION & NOT necessarily the same party all the time. It is not only PvP, it is GPvGPvP. Groups vs Player vs… whatEVER you GET what I mean.

PS: That is not what I signed up for. They changed the game to something PvE Like I Like, sent me a key as a reward for testing, got me in. I am enjoying myself still, however, I have not yet found my group to play with so I am probably ducking out “for a while” soon as well. We will see. That says a lot, considering I Like This Game.

They gotta back off the PvP & separate it or else we are - us PvE players - going to be at a loss perpetually. No tax changes or anything else is going to change that. Either you balance between the two (nigh impossible) or you cater to one or the other. I am burning out on PvE. I am not turning PvP; I will play CoD MP instead because it is faster, more skill based/less gear based & I will just go play that instead. They will either get rid of PvP dominance or embrace it - it is their choice, it is not up to me. I am not the boss of AGS. They can make whatever game they want. They can either feed me story/leveling content for 10 years or they can feed other people PvP content for a few years (it cannot live long PvP, they cannot overcome the reality that PvP is an elimination-from-game racket).

I could care less. Yes, could care less. Yes, that is the correct way to say it. I will play what is fun for me & I will not play what is not fun.

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Not everyone enjoys PvP. Some people play the game just to, you know, enjoy the game.

And some of us actively avoid PvP because PvP has entitled $%#&@$#% that go out of their way to make other people’s lives miserable. Granted, PvE has entitled $%#&@$#% too, but most of those come out of the woodowork when gearchecks and DPS checks get used, and those are much easier to avoid.


I think the whole PvE vs PvP content is a matter of server lotto. The first character I started levelling has wound up on a server (Castle of Steel) where almost all of the “end game” content is done PvP because: 1. luck bonus 2. chance for large group open world PvP which results in making a 45 minute Myrkgard run turn into a 90 minute crap show where you don’t get half the potential WM improving chests because you are too busy with PvP. The second character I started levelling is also now level 60 and has almost caught up to my first character’s WM because the server (Yaxche) has a nightly PvE zerg of Ambusti Mines, Myrkkgard, Malevolence, Sirens, Pools and Imperial Palace.

I am looking for another PvE friendly server to transfer my initial character into once they lift the ban on transfers so I can actually work on improving the character.

This has been mentioned a hundred times: for the longevity of the game it was concluded that a strong PvE player base was desirable. Your premise is flawed. The game is no longer PvP-focused. It hasn’t been for a while now


Who cares about PvP.

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OMG the PvP hate is real.

Chill out, guys, there’s room for everyone.

No need to be polarizing in 2022 :slight_smile:

Sorry darling but no matter how badly you wish it it doesn’t make it true. There are very few 'pvp mmorog’s because they next to never last. An extreme majority of mmo players are completely disinterested in pvp. This was not marketed as a pvp game. That direction was 100% turned after it became clear it simply would not work.

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Need both sweetheart.

This was absolutely marketed as a PvP game, “princess”. Wars and territory control in particular were big parts of their marketing.

I don’t wish it to be true, it is true. MMO is a very wide genre with a lot of different games. There are plenty of MMOs that are primarily PvP or even exclusively PvP (Planetside, for instance,) although they may not live up to your royal heinous’ idea of what an MMO is. Most of the top successful MMOs also have PvP as well (see WoW and GW2,) even if it isn’t the primary focus.

The ones that don’t typically do well are full loot, “hardcore” PvP - but even then there are examples like Rust.

Actually, in general, the wide majority of money isn’t in MMOs period.

The majority of the very top selling games on Steam were primarily PvP releases (although the only MMO on that list was this game.)

If you wanna talk about the most revenue though, you have to look at mobile (Honor of Kings - over $13 billion in lifetime revenue.)

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Any content that has been released likely was in development long long before the game went live.

They need both

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I bought it because it was marketed as a pve game.