Why are we allowed to switch weapons while stunned?

Stunned, switch, berserk. Does more need to be said?

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Varying level of CC?

Like if you got decked in the face and you saw stars, you could still move your hands. You aren’t unconscious.

Snarred is not being able to move and still do everything.

Silence keeps you from using spells.

You get the jist.

You cant move your legs or defend yourself but youre still coordinated to put a weapon on your back and grab a hatchet. Thats silly logic.

Just brainstorming why it might be that way

I dont think this that big of a deal. This would be a big nerf to hatchet and stop people from using it as a crutch for cc. Hope they fix being able to break knockdowns by weapon swaping.

If this was impleamented people should still be able to swap during roots.

With all the buffs coming to hatchet this seems like something that should be addressed. Didnt even know about the switch on knockdown. That doesnt sound like its working as intended. Root is a different situation. Its only restriction is movement.

This mechanic just seems on par with the original bug that healed you when you switched out of defiant stance or berserk.

Lol that was basically what I asked.

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