Why are we not merged to Alakapuri Server

I am one of the people that was supposed to be merged into Alakapuri server. Instead, I was merged into Barzakh…

This is what was promised by you @Luxendra

  • Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia will be merging into Alakapuri for Pangaia Theta.

The numbers would have been worthwhile playing if we were merged into Alakpuri… But just being merged into Barzakh, the numbers are still low.
I woke up and was surprised, and disappointed by this. I was looking forward to some good gameplay…

So why the change?

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Alakapuri here, stayed up to welcome all the new players into the world and answer any questions needed to help ease people in (workstation levels, general player counts at certain times etc) and was VERY disappointed to find out that we only received players from Geatland and Erythia.

I would also like an answer to this as looking at the numbers the entire world set can be supported (and flourish) under one world, hopefully this is answered sooner rather than later :confused:


Dumb move AGS…
People were looking forward to playing in a nicely populated world.

But now… why bother?

Nice Christmas present… we will merge you into a nicely populated world… Oh hang on, no we won’t…

The joke is on me for trusting you.

@Lady-Hexx - I can’t find it now but there was a post explaining that some persistent data bug with stacked houses was causing houses to disappear when they merged too many worlds. So they were going to do the merge in stages.

They didn’t specifically say that the merges would be different than listed though and I mistakenly assumed that they meant it was an issue with larger world sets, not ours.

The good news is that your world has merged with mine. The bad news is that our map is very misrepresentative of the actual situation on Barzakh - The List and ScytheZ just threw a bunch of wars to share the territories around (for reasons unknown to a pleb like me). I joined the war for Ebonscale Reach and it was a cakewalk - little to no resistance. So it’s a full yellow map in disguise!

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Then there is a small light… I will be able to meet you in-game sometime soon.

But the bottom line is, we were let down…
This server does NOT have the numbers to be played properly sadly.
I was looking forward to a higher pop server, I know what it is like with another character I play… but was looking forward to having the same experience with my main character.

I agree, let’s hope stage 2 is soon.

If they haven’t mentioned it… they won’t do it…

Smoke and mirrors.

I am still on the lowest population server…

Why did AGS do this?

100 players are NOT enough to play the game…

this is what was said by @Luxendra on another thread on this very topic…

LuxendraCommunity Manager


Sorry for the miscommunication! It looks like at this time, Zara, Hsuan, and Kibu were merged into Barzakh. Geatland and Erythia were merged into Alakapuri.

I completely hear your concern and frustration. As this is the first step in a multi-merge process, the working plan is to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022. The team will monitor data and feedback from these worlds and will adjust their plan as necessary.

You can find more information about our merge decisions here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

Early 2022 will be too late…
More people will leave the game because of this… We were waiting for the merge so we could play the game. But with just a couple hundred people playing on the 2 SERVERS that you have made, the game is not viable.


Just 200 people does NOT make a server…

Merge the whole World Set as you stated earlier, it is what you promised…

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