Why arent 3v3 arenas spectateable

you literally have pve arenas on live where people can watch you fights mob bosses, but you didnt think to make the pvp arena a colosseum where people can watch? you even have fake cheering from the crowd, might as well be a laugh track for the remaining playerbase.

frustrating to see, or not see tbh.




The queue wait time to get into a boss arena is annoying. I certainly hope 3 v 3s aren’t one match at a time just so spectators can watch them.

Players who are in spectator’s box can’t even move around the outside perimeter to spectate. If a fight goes behind the pillar and a spectacular play + outplay happens nobody is the wiser.

Die in arena? Alt Tab.

would be nice but i dont want to start lagging in the arena

Would love a spectator cam or being able to stand in the spectator area and watch other people fight it out!

@kagan I acknowledge your suggestion. If something like that were implemented, what kind of features would you like to see? Is there anything unique that comes to mind?

Let me throw tomatoes.


just wait bro, i personally want it to be perfect first before add anything else but ends up having too much problems

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make arena crowded with spectators and they can place bet and also chat in area. it’s so much interesting for both spectators and players


Why they dont have general ranking with W/L/Matches ?

Does seem like a wasted opportunity not to have a crowd.
It would bring out a lot of people just to look.|

I mean, we could get some really interesting player content. Like a match only using heal staffs or only using one weap etc…

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