Why aren't AGS addressing the real issues with end-game

Now, this is clearly only my point of view, but as I see it the real issue with the endgame content is:

For PvP: First fix the rampant stun-lock meta (by drastically reducing the efficiency of CC in PvP) and have PvP with territorial conquest in the persistent world instead of in capped instances. Have zones where factions fight over territories like RvR in DAoC or Warhammer Online.

For PvE: More expeditions, with lower cost of entry, and high level raids which drop higher level gear.

Then tie the PvP and PvE together by having the territories that you fight over in PvP give access to the better PvE raids/expeditions.

I don’t get how this new Expertise system is going to fix any of the issues that New World has with endgame content. It is just going to prevent people from using the IG economy to buy gear.

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