Why Barri is not included in the list for Merge (EU Central, Vanaheim Firma)

Greetings @Luxendra ,

Why Barri (EU Central, Vanaheim Firma) is not included in the list for merge.

If the server don’t get merged lots of peoples will transfer to another server, every day we lose more and more players, the server is dying slowly. From long time we were complaining that the server has low population, we would transfered long before that but we were keep repeating that server merges are soon. With your recent post Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge which servers are going to merge and we saw that our server is not in the list. Please consider including our server in the merge or Barri is going to die even more and we have no intention of staying.

Edit: 1 week ago around 50-100 players transfered and they were one of the most active players.


I don’t know why they are merging every Vanaheim Firma server except for us lol, this server dead af


Honestly I miss OPR :frowning:


Was barely able to get the 100 People needed for a single war on Wednesday…


@Luxendra can we get an info on this?

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Yeah I want to know what’s happening? Some people don’t even have transfer token to leave. What we suppose to do? Make a new character???


@Kay can you give us some information please? i guess Luxendra is busy.

Same with Arcadia Firma

Because your server is the most populated in the cluster :slight_smile:
Its kinda a joke lol…your server peek at this hour is 300 people…same as Murias in your cluster…the rest are Naxos 196,the rest bellow 120-100 peoples…Have fun!

So you think that 300 PEAK is good? We barely fill the war board, we can’t deffend the invasions, we can Outpost Rush only between 16pm - 22pm the rest time its almost impossible to find one, some settlements started downgrading because the upkeep is high because the income is low. Do you want me to keep counting?

Okay they updated the list, our server is going to get merged. :slight_smile:

  • Server Merge List

  • Idavoll and Runeberg will be merging into Barri for Vanaheim Firma.

Congratz,now your server have 550 people instead 300…its slighty an improvement,but still the server need more people…i think arround 1300-1500 people is the best to have.

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