Why bother crafting?

I can see the point of crafting things like Starmetal armour because you can get the materials quite easily, but there are some things which dont make sense to me.

For instance, by the time you have enough Fae Iron to craft anything made from it, you will have surpassed the gear score you are able to achieve with it.

The level recommendation for Starstone Barrows is 35 but the gear you can craft with the barrows materials is for levels up to 28 or something similar. So why would anyone ever craft it? You can get better gear dropped in barrows.

Seems like levelling crafting skills gives you so much xp that you just end up being too high levelled to use anything. I’m wondering what peoples thoughts are on this?

What really bothers me about this, to add on… is the expedition themed gear, like starstone stuff for example, has such amazing artwork. And even forgetting the point you made about doing starstone at 35, and the crafted items being pre 30… the mats for them are INSANELY rare. I’ve ran starstone 30+ times, and now I’m 60. I’ve never seen those single mats you need. And if I did find one at this point, why would I ever use it?

They need to consider transmog, or alter the drop rates on mats. And alter the lvl req / stats, on said items.

Until you reach high level trade skills the point of crafting is a little bit of profit and getting more trade skill exp. Not much else in terms of purpose. Its just a means to an end

I got one drop of Ectoplasmic Mutagen in the Amrine Excavation on my sixth run of the place. I was well past the point that the Amrine weapons I could craft with that material were useful to me. However, the material itself – and the weapons crafted with it – are Bind on Pickup, so…

Not sure what the use of said material really was.


There are a few things you can craft that you generally don’t find much of, jewellery, furniture, bags, tools.

You can also find recipes for legendary items as well, stuff that is pretty much the peak of it’s tier/level. Even the faction gear is only like 500-540 gear score, if you max out crafting you can get higher. It’s also about the combination of perks/stats on an item.

That said, I wish they’d make gear actually degrade over time to the point it has to be replaced at some point, just so crafting can continue to exist. Early on you could turn big profits from crafting/selling stuff, but now as people level up, you see it less and less, and prices drop. It’ll get to a point where almost everything will be worth nothing due to a flooded market.

I agree on everything you just said. The economy just does not sustaint as it is. Tools, bags, and equipment is a 1 buy and thats all. The only thing i can see working are consumables…

Why bother? My company has made tons of money off armoring and engineering (selling bags/tools mostly and crafting on commission occasionally). But that requires you to be ahead of the curve so you either are the only one supplying or supplying far better GS than the competition. Our server has had one guy trying to sell his sub 500 GS Infused leather satchels for days now with no luck. We sell ours in minutes because they’re all 520+ and most have extra pockets.

While most people aren’t going to need many of these bags, there’s a lot of people on a server and we make a good profit off each bag. At this point we even make a substantial profit buying all mats off TP.

Guess it’s useful if you’re extremely lucky. Get it early, get use out of it.

well yea… the game released 2 weeks ago, so to be fair, so players that are behind the curve will buy, but thats just momentarily. As long as gear does not break or needs to be replaced, your company will start selling less and less each time more.

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