Why can't I craft at outfitter station

When I try to craft at outfitter station it just kicks me out have tried three different towns same thing every time. I’m on the Royllo server username is Lartse anyone have any Ideas.

Hello there, @johnmyers925!

Sorry to hear what’s happening there.

We are having some issues with servers in US East, we are working to resolve this as soon as possible. The problem with the crafting stations must be related to the main issue.

You can find more information about this here:

[Notice] Server Issues

And also, here’s the Server status page in case you need it:


If the issue persists after the main problem is solved, let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ve had that happen at a few different crafting stations around the game. Seems to lag for like a second when you open the crafting menu. If you look through the crafting menu at your character, if they are facing toward the camera, it will kick you out when you try to craft something.

If you open crafting menu and you character is hammering away or whatever, then it’ll work. You may have to open and close the crafting menu a couple times before your character actually does the animation (and will let you craft). Just my experience, GL out there!

Hey there! It happens to me too- all the time. When you open the crafting table, check out your character. Does he turn to face the camera? If he does, then you’re experiencing the same issue as I.

Temporary fix: Press tab while the crafting table menu is open. Should let you craft after that.

If not: Reopen the crafting menu and while it’s open, press J, K, M or other menu shortcut buttons to make yourself exit from the crafting screen. Should let you craft after that.

If not not: Reopen the crafting menu and while it’s open, press and hold tab to exit from the crafting screen. While STILL holding tab, press E to open up the crafting table again. You may release tab once the crafting screen opens. Should let you craft after that.

If these fail, I know a few other ways to make it work. Let me know!


Thanks for all those extra tips to try! I’ve just open/closed, but I’ll try what you posted as well =)

It actually is a known bug on the list of known bugs on these forums and has nothing to do with the AWS issues.

Ya this has been happening since the last update so pretty sure it’s not the AWS issue, but I will try some of the work arounds when they get the AWS east coast issues resolved thanks all


@Santoryu this bug has been around for awhile. I’m constantly getting kicked out of the crafting table and trading post, which is super aggravating. Def not related to the AWS outage.

Try the suggestions I posted above next time you experience the issue. High success rate for me and others I’ve told, but I’m curious if it will continue working lol… lmk!

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