Why can't i create a new char on Gawain

Why cant i create a new char on Gawain, it says server is currently full even tho its only 700/2500 online.

Do you already have a character in a Fresh Start server? You can only have one per region.

I just bought the game and havent been able to play yet. My friends play on Gawain thats why i want to play on that specific server

Ah, my apologies. I believe Gawain is currently locked for character creation for a upcoming merge from Dracula. It should be completed by December 15th.

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Hey @emilnisse I hope you’re having a wonderful time and I’m pretty excited to welcome you to the forums!

I do apologize for this situation you experienced being unable to create your character on to the desired server. This is not the experience we want for our players. Unfortunately our good pal @JakeL is always one click away from the correct information and as was stated, the server you attempted to join is currently locked due to the oncoming merge.

You can check further information regarding transfers here and on the following link you’d be able to check the server status. I do want to thank @JakeL for the assistance provided, appreciate it, as always!

I do hope both of you have a great day and see you soon on Aeternum!

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