Why can't I move these quest items to my storage?

These dumb quest items that are broken if you salvaged the item early on are now locked in my inventory and I can no longer even put them into storage. Have they fixed it and added a way to get the piece of armor so I can upgrade them and get them out of my invetory?

Items like Spark of Battle for Battle’s Embrace Boots or Transference Icon for Protective Wyrd Gloves cannot be transfered to storage now because it says “Cannot Drop Mission Items.”

Same, hopefully they turn off the salvage thing and let us place in storage or toss them on the ground. Tired of having this crap in my inventory.

I was actually able to discard them some time ago. Maybe try the Shift+RMB or drag and drop on the ground. Might be a difference, the one method working and the other don’t. Idk, or maybe they unabled it in a patch.

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