Why cant I revisit old quests?

the idea of the one shot is a novelty that can be enjoyed and with looking back and merely thinking yeah that was a great experience is something that more games should aspire to but that mechanic is only well achieved through very very careful nuance and one on one player game interaction. this game is not there yet. not by a long shot. and in retrospective there is much to be desired but while there is very few quests in the game that actually support the desire to replay certain quests it is with great disappointment that they can’t be enjoyed later on. maybe you want to fight a difficult boss that you had problems with and show them what for, maybe you wanted them to feel more difficult so you decide to fight them with wood weapons only and no armour (no armour should play more into the game for those masochistic gamers out there that don’t feel represented enough) or simply want to play a quest along with your newbie buddy who is trying to enjoy the game with the same experience or a better one than what was originally intended, there is one thing that should be available in all MMOs and thats replayable quests. no matter what the motive. this really should be in the game. for feedback on quest design or simply fighting an old boss that is no longer available.


Thanks for the feedback @superpebble I will send this on to the team.