Why Can't I Say "Voidbent"?

I discovered after the patch that I can no longer send a message with the word “voidbent” in it. There’s no censorship, and no error message. The message send just silently fails.

Why wasn’t this change in the patch notes? Why is this even in the game?

lots of non english words with v do not work

It’s listed in known issues. It happened shortly before 1.0.5 as side-effect of a hotfix to the chat injection problem (people being able to crash other people’s game via code in chat). AGS are aware, and it’s listed in the Megathread.

You’ll know when it’s fixed when you’re able to type and send: “Vicious vampire of Everfall invaded a cave in Ebonscale, devoured every PVP veteran, and evaded various devices via marvelous maneuvers.”


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