Why can't I sell items that are "bind on equip"?


I am playing as Ragnar Nothbrok on the server “Evonium (Central EU)” and I am wondering why I can’t sell items like those screenshotted below. The item is at 100% health and is, as you can see, “bind on equip”. I would love to sell items like this one, but am unable to… Why?

I’m not sure if it’s a bug.

Not full repaired.

These won’t show up under the clothing (or whatever it’s called) category of your inventory. However, if you use the all items category (the four squares at the top of the category list) and scroll down to the "O"s, you should see it and be able to list it. It’s been bugged like this for some time.

Yup, just noticed myself… So, I assume it is a bug?

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