Why can't my character transfer to another world?

I have not been able to log into this game on several occasions now. The wait time is always ridiculously long, and oftentimes it says “World at Character limit”.

I cant even attempt to log into another world unless I create a new character and start from scratch. Its a poor gaming experience.

Will this be how the game always runs? or is it only limited due to beta testing?

I’ve paid to play and I’m not getting my money’s worth simply because I cant get into a world with my character.

This game look amazing, but if this is going to be how it runs - I’m out - and I’d like a refund.

Hello @Tyranny

Sorry for the issues you’re experiencing!

Dev team is aware of several issues including loginservices errors, internalserver errors, timeout errors, and more.

Transferring characters to another server is not possible right now, however I submitted your feedback to the Dev team.

You can all be sure we are aware of all these errors and we are working right now to solve this as soon as possible.