Why change crafting this much?

DISCLAIMER: If anything appears as me attacking the game or just me being mad and need to cope, please understand I don’t intend it that way but I do need to get my point across.

From what I understand they have increased xp needed to lvl professions as well as xp gained from actually crafting stuff but the two don’t scale together very well, meaning you must craft more to lvl than you would’ve before the patch. Could totally be wrong on this.

However, the real things I do want to ask is why change nodes drastically? This has actually ruined so many of my routes. Why decrease the amount gained from each node? I’ve seen this when it comes to skinning at least, please let me know if it applies to others as well. On a side note, I also want to know why you’ve changed PvP faction quests? Being on a low pop server has made the one of killing other players completely undoable during most hours of the day. Why would you make me go loot chests that don’t respawn for an hour at a time? The reason I ask about that in a topic about crafting is because I use the mat converters all the time.

Those are just the main changes that have, for me at least, completely change the way I play the game in the crafting aspect and not in the good way. Personally, I thought that crafting in this game was pretty flawless. I’m not usually a crafter in any other MMO’s either, I really stray away from it in most of them but have always wanted a game where I do enjoy crafting and this was literally it. Of course, you’ve probably heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that really applied here. I’m still going to continue down the path of crafting in this game but I am by no means enjoying it like I used to.

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