Why create so many item skins if we will savage them in the end? P_P Let we use the "known" skins as appearance

The titile already says what I was expecting for a game with so many beauty skins (not related to paid skins, btw).

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So many skins? I think the game has about five skins per item, which is incredibly poor compared to many other MMORPGs.

Or what do you mean with many item skins?

I agree. I’d love to just use the skins I’ve already equipped in game. A lot of them are fun and well designed.

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I, too, wish there was some wardrobe function. I haven’t used any of my dyes because I am still leveling so what’s the point? If I could still use the dyed gear as I level that would be awesome.

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As long as the skins match the weight class of the item being reskinned.

This game has quite a lot of PvP in it and one small way to appraise your opponent is the visuals related to their weapons, their armor, and their abilities.

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Useful insight. I agree with it too.

If you savage skins will PETA still come looking you?

What is this nonsense? Any skin bought in the store and you won’t know what armor set I’m wearing. No one cares what you are wearing, no one looks at your appearance in battle. You can see everything by the shift. I am for the fact that it would be possible to hang any skin obtained in the game! I play with heavy armor, but I like medium boots and a light hat.

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