Why did you do this?

Why would you put make us level 200 things to get craft legendary? and make it harder to level at that?
I was happily collecting motes to make energy cores to get my first voidbent ingot for my armor.
Smelting isnt 200.
Tried to ask a friend, energy core cant be traded.
why take something is already perfect, and ruin it? Seriously? why? it was PERFECT as it was when you can craft the ingot as long as u have the mats.

Why? Please explain the thinking process behind it. not everyone goes to 200. companies work together specializing 1 skill. I mean why? why did u decide to do this though?

I mean who decided that? can I know why? PvP based game but you make it harder to progress through PvP. why? I really need a good reason on why are you killing your own game?


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