Why did you make it easier for bots to ruin the server economy?

I admit it’s kind of nice that there aren’t any mobs to fight when farming orichalcum at the Imperial Palace islands. If it weren’t for the stream of bots who can easily farm up all the ori. They’ve been doing it ever since you made the change and no amount of bot reporting makes any difference.

Meanwhile one company owns most of the map making shell companies in 2 factions to own each area and are obviously here to RMT. AGS, you ruined your own game. Why make it easy for bots to ruin the economy?

Why make it so easy to harass other players? Your AI makes it was too easy to MPK people. Two of the most common ways MMO’s are ruined, and you make it easier for them, not harder.

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The bot I reported a month ago now has a 2nd bot following them to make sure they get all the gathering nodes.

Just have to keep reporting them. I had two bots cross paths on me today. One was a bot I reported yesterday. Today was a new one I came across. Hard to mine/harvest with these things running around. I am not sure how long it takes to get one banned though.

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