Why did you nerf the bow into the ground with animation cancel removal. Bow is actually Dogshit now

Rain of arrows cannot crit. Poison Arrow cannot crit.

You cannot animation cancel into the only thing the bow had going for it (light into pen into poison).

The bow was already pretty bad and 100x harder to use compared to any other weapon. Why would anyone want to nerf an underused weapon and make it unplayable compared to any alternatives?!

Every weapon except the bow now can animation cancel into an attack skill. Why on EARTH did they decide to only apply this to bow users?!

Brb rolling Great Axe Hammer Heavy armor I guess…


dex got no love and mostly everyone go to easy mode with GA/hammer


as a IG/FS main I feel for you but what happened to you is a gut shot. We got castrated.


Was FS/IG user,

Sadly, just give them what they want. Went my usual farming route GA/Musket for luring mobs as I usually did.

Cleared 5 mins earlier, didn’t need to dodge, didn’t need to care for mana, didn’t need to be stealthy, just charge and go for it. Some bosses got tankier though. Half way I even stopped using musket to lure as I could just charge for it


Agreed. The bow is just sad and it’s a shame as I enjoy the playstyle. It should be made just as viable as any other weapon.

You must not be that great at a bow, because lately its been doing bookoo amounts of damage and deadly accurate in the last opr’s Ive ran

“bow is dogshit now”

meanwhile, bow: topping charts in every OPR, invasion, and war.

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