Why do brimstone sands quests give xp even though you have to be lvl 60 to reach the area?

Any point? Does it increase territory standing? I thought that had it’s own form of XP.

Will there maybe be a future lvl cap update that will retroactively give xp earned?

Just don’t see the point since you have to be max lvl to get to brimstone sands, doesn’t make sense for them to give XP since you’re already max lvl

Lots of people agree. Another post about it too. That seems to be the obvious answer.

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Because 60 won’t be the max level in the future. Why have to redo the zone when level cap increases, when you can build it once and be done with it.


Probably wasting our time doing any quests, if all that XP is essentially wasted until god knows and you won’t have the quests available again once we get a lvl up.

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