đź’­ Why do Devs use the same skeleton on all monsters?

I have exactly the same feeling when I killing these 2 monsters and it’s no fun.

Even their creatures’ stances are the same, they just added 1-2 new effects.

some creatures attract more attention because they are less and rare on the map.

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two the same monsters with different skins


because it’s less effort?


lack manpower they can only ctrl c+v


they’ve been roasted about lack of mob diversity and copy/pasting mobs since beta. With Brimstone, instead of copy/pasting mobs, they just copy/pasted the core model and re-skinned them.


as a new world player this is really sad

How many different types of enemies are in Dark Souls 3?
111 enemies, 141 with both DLC’s included.

And they ain’t copy pasted.
Let’s hope one day we will at least reach the same uniqueness.

This type of action combat only shines when the mobs don’t feel the same.

And it’s even more noticeable with player characters. I think in a 2022 game there should be the option to make them beefier, thinner, taller, shorter, etc. And if they told me that this would affect pvp, I would tell them to use the Sea of ​​Thieves as an example, where no matter how fat, short, tall or small you are, everyone has the same skeleton hitbox.


bottom line is that its financially viable, simply adding some animations and reskins is faster to add to the game and has the least risk to compatibility to implement into the game. coming up with an asset such as a completely new unique sprite is a costly affair from body design, skeleton design, animation programming, and then there is cosmetics to add to the sprite. clinging to the same sprites is a low hanging fruit but will eventually catch up to them if you set your game in a fantasy based environment. this is why gta actually gets away with this so easily because rockstar sets their game setting in a satire of modern day city society and there is very little interaction to wild life.

you are right it shouldn’t be hard like that much to use different skeleton types in different monsters.

It’s definitely got better though, but yeah this game definitely has a strong history of overly reusing things.

I remember when Barnacles and Blackpowder was released. They re-used complete rooms from older expeditions (Laz room, Caretaker waterfall room, etc). Which I do not mind in some cases but that Laz room was not very well hidden. They re-used most of the siren queen for the final boss. Finally one proof that they re-used pretty heavily for the Admiral is that a brute in the open world actually dropped all of the expedition loot. So they definitely copied heavily from the brute as well.

Again, re-using is not always a bad thing. If you can save time and create something new then that is great. It’s just hard when many of the open world areas are often complete repeats of each other. Which has definitely improved significantly, noticing that they are replacing repeated areas in the new 1-25 revamp on purpose.

It’s definitely gonna keep getting better but you are right, even in Brimstone we see a ton of it unfortunately. Especially in an otherwise take fresh looking area.


not always a bad thing you are right but after a while, it’s getting boring :frowning:

that’s the reason why i don’t do pve in this game anymore

They use the same skeleton because it’s symbolic that we’re all the same on the inside! :heart:

Instead of introducing so many different enemy types, FromSoft could have spent their time better and focused on actually developing a PC game rather than terrible ports.

As with all though, it’s a matter of priorities. Everything takes time, so choices are to be made. Yes, one game may be better in terms of mob variety, but this redacts from time being able to be spent elsewhere.

In terms of New World, some more variation would be interesting to see. The mob variety by mob skins is already a step in the good direction. Personally speaking, I don’t think it’s of such major importance to see a unique animation set for every single mob.

It’d mainly be nice to see this applied to e.g., world bosses, expedition bosses and ultimately raid bosses. And possibly trash packs surrounding raid encounters.

you are right but 1 year later still all Giant monsters with the same skeleton :frowning:

Thats “from software” though, they have been doing third person stealth games and hack and slash games since the 1990s if anyone was going to make a good monster game it would be them. If they made an mmo though…

Elden Ring :yellow_heart:

Elden ring is not an mmorpg. There is no sense of community, no player economy, no group raids. Much of the basic things that make up what is an mmorpg. Its a great rpc and yes has some multiplayer but it lacks some key components

you are right Elden Ring in different category