Why Do Gamers Complain So Much :(

When did so many gamers/preachers become experts in game development, its been the same ever since forums were created. All of a sudden there are all these experts telling us why the game is broken or what it needs. Then there’s the leavers the ones who feel we need to know they are quitting, and its not just here go on any game forum even the ones that are hits and doing well now. Its all so cliché now and very repetitive, lets just see the game through its storm and hopefully the sky’s will clear and we will have that AAA game we want.


It’s in the western culture. People “know their rights” and want to exercise that power as customers. Which got a bit pathological in the recent years.


LOL Your complaining now how ironic!


Lack of anything better to do


because you can be a total asshole on the internet with no repercussions


Generally the anonymity worsens things. Karen’s of the world exist but when there are less social repercussions, things tend to magnify the worst in people. There is a difference between complaining, being an asshole, giving constructive criticism, and being delusional (in either direction). Just learn to check yourself before you wreck yourself.


I think you will find i was asking a question.


I work in a software company, if we released products with this many bugs we’d be blasted.

That said we have licensing and subscription models to ensure that we “care”.


It’s not unique to Western culture lol. Try doing something that pisses off Korean or Chinese players and you’ll see just as much complaining, if not more.


Sometimes you see people who split themselves between their online and offline presence. People acting in a way they never would when there isn’t a veil of anonymity, but then you do have those genuine assholes out there as well. They often displacing their own interpersonal conflicts in their personal life upon others online. Which is why you really cannot take things personally online, even though for most people the knee jerk reaction is to react to it. Some people are suffering out there.


Some literally are experts in the field. Many of the bugs/glitches discovered were by programmers for either good or bad intentions.

Since Humanity existed, people complain, and people complain about complaints.

Not hard to be an expert compared to developers that look like they are literally re-discovering how to make MMOS as they make rookie mistakes and don’t look much to other mmos. In short, Devs here make themselves look Noob, not us.

And the game is broken. Literally a list of Bugs and glitches and you don’t find anything wrong with that? Are you blind? Do you even play New World? I doubt you are logged in right now.

Yeah, drama queens. Totally unneeded. It causes pointless drama in the forum and probably even depress the Devs that need to be at their best. I got nothing. They gotta tone it down or stop completely. Not helping anyone.

Well, if the game were as polished or well-developed as FF14, it would be forbidden to even criticize the game or Devs, and some people would literally Worship Lead Dev like in FF14!!!

Yeah, this is about the only positive thing you said. Everything don’t help anyone either. Makes you part of the problem.

People need to understand the game is like in development right now and will be for a while. There will be times where it will be better than others. We can only provide feedback, so that Devs take our ideas and improve the game how they see fit, to find a balance between us.

And need I remind you many changes and improvement literally came from these forums! from the same people you accuse of preechers and whatnot. Again, you are not helping anyone. You are just venting and preaching pointlessly.


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No you wrote paragraph of text.

A Question is: A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.

Your post did not meet the requirements of a question and the responses have not elicited the response you were seeking.

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everyone has become acclimated to having everything at their disposal within 5 seconds (google) and social media (gives every idiot a voice), that we’re all wired to bitch to get noticed, on top of that, because information flows lightning fast, we’ve developed instant gratification complex. if its not in .5 seconds, it needs to be .1 seconds… so we bitch bc its not fast enough.

Covid has made things worse with the isolation most people experience. I have less tolerance driving in my car now thanks to covid where the streets were empty for a year and could get anywhere in 5 seconds.


Is there a difference between complaining and providing constructive criticism?

If so where is the line?

Should people not be allowed to express ideas and thoughts about what they like or dislike in a game they play?

Ultimately, most people either engage here for two reasons as far as I can tell:

  1. They care about the game.
  2. They don’t like the game and are here to troll.
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it’s quite simple lots of dev are not in touch with what lots of gamers like and want and instead double down on their own ideas of what is fun even to the point they will try and force certain toxic behavior/playstyle on their player base…

Just take the house tax…it is clear a large portion of the player base hate this one tax, there is ample evidence that many companies are using this game mechanic to RMT coin and basically break the TOS yet ags continues to double down on it like it is some mana from heaven and the game will fail if it is removed…which is frankly a silly position to champion since it is hurting the game more than helping it.

Pvper will not leave if housing is not taxed anymore, pvpers that are here truly to pvp will keep playing only the exploiters might leave which would be a good thing.

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Game Theory.
Design strategies for dealing with competitive situations where the outcome of a choice to act depends critically on the actions of other participants. Unfortunately, it does not include rational players.

I think that it would be easier to believe in the Dev team if they could pull off an update without bugs.


Honestly, I think the internet is a magnifying glass into someone’s real person.

No filters, no repercussions. Humans are toxic by nature and it’s not masked on the forums.

It’s a reflection of what humans really are.

Vile degenerates. :joy::joy:


i swear i heard this from somewhere but

a complaint is when you tell someone something is wrong and nothing else.

constructive criticism is when you tell someone something is wrong and offer suggestions and insight to hopefully fix it.