Why do I have to pay more gold to respec my build than paying house tax?

Doesn’t make sense to me. As a healer paying 200g everytime to respec is too much. Since I make no damage alone I have to respec too often. Also still no build templates available. Is that too hard to program?


As a healer you should be making enough gold to sustain the respeccing as the expeditions alone cover the costs, also a quick gathering session can yield you up to 500gold from hemp if you spend around 30mins or so

you do one opr match and even if you lose you get 270 gold if your score was high enough so saying 200g is to much to respec when you can make 20k or even more per day is kinda funny and sad

i got 4 builds i use daily. and i feel ur pain. there should be no gold involved in respecs. maybe azoth but not gold.


Made this post a while ago and was completely ignored. Having to pay 200g is extremely punishing for ones who want to switch roles or try new builds.

It should cost Azoth, not gold


Even if you earn 100k per day what’s the point of having to pay 200g?

true they should lock it, like other games do, behind their cashshop :slight_smile:

You’re right. We should raise taxes.

switch cost to azoth…


You guys do know it used to cost like 1k+ gold to respec and now its down to 200g? I think its now perfect as it is and I main healer. House taxes are awesome too now.

@Manonymous thanks for your feedback and transparency! We’ll make note that players like yourself want to see some changes made to respeccing. We’re always looking for ways to improve the game and we find these comments helpful.


@Deathdunny This is true, there always are ways to make Gold in New World. However, we understand that maybe some players do not get the same time as others to actively explore all ways to gather gold.

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@Unai We are sorry to hear about this experience. Please do note, not all threads are replied on by the community team. We do also go through threads silently and collect feedback. There is a chance this feedback was collected from the thread you previously created. Just a heads up, for future posts!

@ykyang04 Thanks for the feedback, would you please care to share what the benefit of this switch would be?

I think AGS realizes that this is one of the only gold sinks they have at late game, but it’s also being cancelled out by expeditions.

@BRGF can you make the suggestion to the devs that respeccing should cost 200 azoth instead of gold? the benefit of this would be simple it’d be an outlet for extra azoth (there are some of us sitting on thousands of azoth vials, and we can only craft so quickly) and reduce the gold leaving the economy.

I’m changing builds like 10 times a day, the rewards from expeditions etc. should feel like an extra and not something that “covers the cost”. How can you defend barriers that prevent you from having more diversity in your gameplay?

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I just don’t think azoth is the answer unless the cap is increased where as gold cap is in the triple digits. It’s 200 gold, it’s not like it costs 10,000 or soemthing absurd but regardless, even if there was no cost it’s still something we have to do every time we want to play a different build, that’s part of the fun i guess.

This is particularly true in this game in which alt characters are not permitted (a first in my quite long MMO experience). Not everyone sits on a mountain of gold and have time farming for it.
Note that this is one of the main reasons for which some of our guild members stopped playing.

IMO there’s absolutely no negative aspect about:

  1. having no cost for re-speccing and adjusting builds
  2. having build and gear templates for much faster and easier adjustment

It’s a non-brainer to me. When you have farmed your weapons to level 20 and created gear for many builds why shouldn’t it be easy to make use of all of this.

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