Why do I have to pay more gold to respec my build than paying house tax?

Switch the cost to azoth we need more azoth sinks. I switch my build so manny times a day. I switch for OPR,expeditions, fishing, and gathering/skinning. To maximize my time i max out the stats associated with my activity. So yes i can spend thousands in just reapec. The games gives attribute increases every 50 points for a reason. If your not utilizing them then thats on you.

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Azoth is now overflowing uselessly, meanwhile inflaction in game is raising the costs of items to the stars, hence players want to keep their golds for trading and have a new reason for gathering azoth. Finally, what’s the connection with the lore in using gold to change your attributes? It will make more sense having this magic infusion (Azoth) changing your stats.

aggreed, the respec cost is way to much and only creating negative friction. Should be removed or switched to low azoth cost

we already have soo much crap we need gold for vs azoth so this is a no brainer.

respec should really only cost azoth.

yes all those reasons are valid and many more including providing additional flexibility for players to adjust/optimize build for the event they are participating in (e.g. OPR, duels, wars, mutations, etc…)

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