Why do instanced houses have a limit

Houses are instanced. Yet you put a limit on how many could own a single home. Then put only 1 or no 5k homes in some towns.

So stupid.

Better be lucky and be one of the first on a server. Otherwise no home for you.

Because, as usual, the devs had a decision to make and they chose the worst possible, non sensical option. Instanced homes with a player limit.

They’re instanced.

So stupid.

They are not instanced, just walled/phased off. You can literally jump into houses and get phased out. Thats why it lags like crazy. You can see actual players moving around the town but they can’t see you. I agree this is dumb. Why is it not instanced?

Actually didnt know this. Maybe the intent is to spread players over the map, rather than everybody living in Everfall? :man_shrugging:

But yeh, it’s a bit of an odd choice.

I wonder how this works over the course of the games future as well then. Will inactive houses forever keep slots taken, once a player leaves?

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